Texas Artist Gifts DeSoto PD With Hand Drawn Pieces of Art

Artist Steve Blundell with DeSoto Police Department
Artist Steve Blundell present his artwork to the DeSoto PD

DeSoto Police Department Receives Uplifting Gift

DESOTO – In a time of uncertainty when morale is low for police officers and first responders, DeSoto received an uplifting surprise last week. An Emory, Texas resident and artist gifted the DeSoto Police Department with hand drawn artwork.

Steve Blundell presented the artwork of two officers consoling a female citizen. Above the officers there is a guardian angel.

“We are grateful that Mr. Steve Blundell took time out of his day to thank us for our service during these trying times in our country. I am amazed that a person would be so thoughtful as to donate his own personalized artwork to our department,” said DeSoto Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Grady Kirkland.

Blundell’s artwork serves as a way for him to offer words of encouragement according to a post at the DeSoto Police Department’s Facebook page.

The department thanked Blundell for his time and effort when he presented his art on August 12. On hand to receive the artwork from the artist were Sergeant Kirkland and military veteran (Marines), DeSoto Detective Incremona.

Blundell presented not only a piece of art to the DeSoto PD, but a second work of art to Detective Incremona.

Blundell Shares His Hand Drawn Paintings With Veterans & First Responders

This is not the first donation Blundell has made over the years to various police departments in the area. In 2018 the Garland Police Department thanked Blundell for two of his hand drawn paintings.

The note at the Garland PD Facebook back in March 2018 when the donation was made said “Steve, a very talented artist, goes around the state and gives his paintings to First Responders and Veterans.”

In June, Blundell donated a pencil sketch to the Royce City Police Department.

“He has traveled the state showing his support by giving away his sketches to first responders and veterans,” the Royce City Police Department Facebook read.

Indeed, the list of stops Blundell has made convey a thank you message to officers and first responders around the state.

Blundell mentioned to one of the police departments when he made an artwork donation that it is his ministry to share his artwork and spiritual messages of encouragement with officers and veterans.

“Our plan is to have the pictures framed and displayed somewhere at the station where all of our officers have an opportunity to see first-hand just how great our citizens can be,” Kirkland concluded.