Tarrant County Has An “At Your Own Risk” Warning

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“It’s Not Necessary To Verify Your Vote”

(Fort Worth, TX) – Warning: local voters are receiving postcards asking them to find out if
their vote counted in the recent Fort Worth election.

This did not come from Tarrant County.

This did not come from the Tarrant County Elections Office.

It did not come from Tarrant County’s Republican or Democratic parties.

And it did not come from any known elected official or campaign in Tarrant County.

“Be careful! Be cautious about giving someone you don’t know your name, address, email
or any other information,” said Sharen Wilson, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney.

“You don’t know what they will do with your information.”

If you go to the website, it wants you to enter your name, address and zip code to “verify
vote.” The website also asks for people to enter the same information about “family,
friends, neighbors, and even those who are deceased.”

It’s not necessary to verify your vote.

But Tarrant County Election officials say that if you want more information, you can go
online to http://elections.tarrantcounty.com/voterlookup.

You also can call the Tarrant
County Elections Office at 817-831-8683 or email them at elections@tarrantcounty.com.

Tarrant County has no control over any information submitted to this third-party website.

“Put your information into this website at your own risk,” Wilson said.