Sixty Vines Spotlights Kim and Erica Crawford’s Most Cherished Wine – Loveblock

Kim and Erica Crawford
Meet Kim & Erica… their love for each other can be found in LOVE(block) which is pouring through our taps this February Photo courtesy Sixty Vines

Wine-centric restaurant teams up with prominent duo to feature Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc at all locations and host experience celebrating wine country culture from Feb. 10-15

DALLAS (Feb. 8, 2022) – Sixty Vines genuine effort toward sustainability and love for Earth’s ingredients extends all the way to New Zealand, where the innovative restaurant’s mission caught the eye of two distinguished leaders in the wine industry – Kim and Erica Crawford.

As a sustainable-first restaurant, each Sixty Vines location has a 60-tap wine system that creates an eco-friendly approach to wine service and provides the closest “from the barrel” tasting experience in hospitality. Keg wine, the base of Sixty Vines’ tap program, results in less packaging and less waste for the environment, as one keg holds 26 wine bottles and 1,500 over its refillable lifetime.

Now, Sixty Vines is joining forces with the Crawford’s to become the only restaurant in the world to serve Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc in a keg – the prominent couple’s most cherished wine. Created after the duo fell in love with an unruly piece of land in New Zealand and lovingly cultivated it into a beautiful block of grapes, Loveblock will be exclusively kegged for Sixty Vines and available at all locations beginning Feb. 8.

“We believe in Sixty Vines’ mission of decreasing its carbon footprint while serving some of the best wines in the world,” Kim Crawford said. “We’re proud to keg Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc by partnering with an innovative team that is paving the way for ecological practices in the wine industry.”

To celebrate the launch, just in time for Valentine’s Day from Feb. 10-15, each Sixty Vines restaurant will have a block of wood and art supplies at every table where guests can create a unique piece of art sharing their love for wine, the Earth or each other! At the conclusion, a local artist will take each unique block and create five stunning pieces of art that represent a combined expression of love. Committed to creating a community around art, Sixty Vines will host an auction for people to bid on the new pieces and proceeds will support needs of the families in wine country.

Special Loveblock Postcard

Additionally, inspired by the season of love, each restaurant will provide a special Loveblock postcard with guests’ checks that includes a guided meditation voiced by Erica Crawford to encourage self-love and transport you to the vineyard where Loveblock grapes are grown. Guests can also choose to mail a Loveblock postcard to someone they love.

“It is an honor to have the Crawfords recognize our mission and work with us to fulfill it in our restaurants,” said Sixty Vines CEO Jeff Carcara. “Many partners have refused to keg wine, but now the best of the best is uniting with us to do just that. We’re thrilled to kick off this partnership and have guests express their love through wine and art. This initiative will reflect the true beauty of wine country and our ‘pinkies down’ approach.”

The grapes for Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc are from the Crawford’s certified-organic Woolshed vineyard on Loveblock Farm, in the Lower Dashwood sub-region of Marborough’s Awatere Valley. This wine provides a dense fruit core of juicy melon and peach complemented by hints of ripe herbs and florals for the palate. Beautifully rounded with layer upon layer of texture, Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc has a long, complex finish with plenty of minerality, citrus, ripe stone fruit and an umami quality.

Self-proclaimed “Vine Huggers”, Sixty Vines supports the greening of the wine industry from growing and vilifying to limited and reusable packaging. Sixty Vines doesn’t just practice this because caring for the environment is the right thing to do, it happens to make the wine taste better, too. Every day, with every glass poured, Sixty Vines is shaping a healthier Earth by eliminating bottles from landfills and protecting the world’s limited supply of cork. By using kegs and reusable bottles, Sixty Vines is saving the planet, one sip at a time! For more information about Sixty Vines, visit

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