Red Oak ISD Looks At Proposition A For ROBond22

Red Oak ISD Proposition A

Red Oak ISD School Board voted for a $230.1 million bond election for May 7, 2022. The community has seen significant growth in the last 15 years since ROISD’s last bond with more growth on the way. The school district is sharing information about each proposition and we’re sharing it here so voters can stay informed.

Bond Information From Red Oak ISD

At $156.8 million, Proposition A would primarily address overcrowding and future capacity needs at elementary, middle, and high school levels. It includes a second middle school, CTE building at the high school, expanding elementary schools, and district-wide maintenance items. Let’s take a closer look at addressing high school capacity.

CTE slide

Currently, Career & Technical Education (CTE) is located adjacent to the existing middle school. Having the CTE classes at the high school would reduce lost instructional time due to transporting students back and forth. This would also free up space and classrooms in the high school that are currently being used by CTE. (final location and building design would be determined after the election)

high school practice gym slide

Building a practice & PE gym would allow for more indoor practice space at the high school and would accommodate Red Oak ISD’s student organizations more efficiently – gyms are used for athletics, PE, fine arts, testing, blood drives, group gatherings, meetings, and much more.

wooden elementary slide

The proposed elementary renovations in Proposition A would allow Red Oak ISD to accommodate the projected enrollment for the next 5-10 years. Additions would take place at Wooden Elementary and Eastridge Elementary, resulting in additional eight classrooms at each campus at the current central cafeteria and kitchen. A new kitchen and cafeteria would be added to accommodate additional students. Both campuses would also receive extended driveways to ease drop-off and pick-up, plus access for emergency vehicles.

eastridge elementary slide

Playgrounds at all Red Oak ISD elementary campuses would receive updates that would make all playgrounds to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant, allowing all students to be able to use the campus playgrounds safely.

Red Oak Middle School Updates

A second middle school and existing middle school updates are also included in Proposition A. Currently, nearly all schools are close to full capacity or have already exceeded capacity with the current zoning. Red Oak Middle School, as of November 2021, is currently at 152% capacity and is projected to be at 163% capacity by 2026 if we continue with one middle school campus.


The proposed second middle school would be located on the west side of town. The district already has the land acquired for the build – south of Ovilla Rd, and between Westmoreland Rd. and Hampton Rd. The school would be built for up to 1,200 students and include standard middle school amenities – tennis courts, theater, music, band, art, track, and practice/game fields.

The existing middle school would receive security updates that would allow the school to be secure for students moving between buildings along with a couple of minor upgrades within the campus.

The election for the ROISD bond is May 7. Early voting begins on April 25, 2022. For more information on the ROISD 22 Bond see the Red Oak ISD website.