One DeSoto Student Heads to Yale Another Publishes His Own Book

(LtoR) DeSoto Superintendent D’Andre J. Weaver, Ph.D., Dallas Ross and DeSoto ISD Board President Karen Daniel.

DeSoto – What do a young author and a soon-to-be Yale student have in common?

For one, they were both recognized at this month’s DeSoto ISD School Board meeting.

Second, they just happen to be related.

At the age of 14, Dallas Ross has become an author and CEO of his own company Wondering Dallas. Ross is a DeSoto ISD student who is on the honor roll. Also, he’s an accomplished debater and a DeSoto West football player. He was most recently featured in Dallas Weekly for his achievement and entrepreneurial endeavors.

“As we encourage students in DeSoto ISD to continue striving and dreaming, we hope that they will see these students, their peers, as examples of what is possible” said DeSoto ISD Board President Karen Daniel.

14-year-old celebrated birthday by publishing book

In December, Ross celebrated his birthday with his book release, “Wondering Dallas”. His book invites other youth not to be afraid but to question their fears away. He also announced the launch of his LLC of the same name, Wondering Dallas –

“We are so proud of every student who comes through DeSoto ISD, but we are particularly proud of Dallas and Alanah,” said Superintendent D’Andre J. Weaver.

DeSoto High School senior Alanah Armstead is in the top 10 percent of her class. She is also a member of the band. Recently, Armstead received her Yale University acceptance letter. She has a full-ride scholarship through the QuestBridge scholarship, which will cover all tuition costs. The Scholarship is valued at $303,700.

Giving students an opportunity to reach potential

“As a trustee and long-serving educator, I recognize that the accomplishments of these students are the foundations of why we are here,” said Daniel. “To give students the opportunity to realize their potential and accomplish amazing things like writing a book and opening a business before you reach high school or to have the opportunity to go to an Ivy League institution like Yale.”

“These students’ achievements provide evidence that we are doing the things necessary to place our students on a global and national stage,” Weaver concluded. “As we continue to redesign, refine and improve our system, stories like these will become more common for DeSoto ISD. As a superintendent, I am working to ensure that every child has a viable educational foundation to become who and what they desire to become in the utmost sense of what our students have the power and potential to become.”