Nominations Open for 2024 Student Heroes Award

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AUSTIN, Texas – February 19, 2024 – The State Board of Education (SBOE) today announced the opening of the nomination window for the 2024 Student Heroes Award.

Approved by the SBOE in 2015, the Student Heroes Award highlights Texas public school students participating in impactful volunteer service in their communities. Since the award’s inception, nearly 120 Texas public school students with a heart for service have been named Student Heroes. Fifteen students – one per State Board district – receive the award each year, with contributions ranging from initiating inclusive programs for seniors and students with disabilities to facilitating fundraisers for kids receiving medical treatment.

The SBOE encourages students, teachers, administrators, and community members to nominate any Texas public school students who exemplify the core value of selfless service. To be eligible for nomination, service projects performed by nominees must be voluntary and not associated with any curriculum requirement, school service project, or pre-existing community program. Winners will receive a plaque and a medal from their district’s SBOE member during an awards presentation held at their school.

Nominations will close on May 4th. More information is available in the nomination guidelines.

Online Nomination Form

Who may nominate?

Nominations may be submitted by anyone – such as school personnel, other students, parents, or community members and nominees must be from public or charter schools.

What are the steps for nominating?

Completely fill out the Student Heroes nomination form. Include all required information, including the nominee’s permission to be nominated and have his or her information shared publicly (parent or guardian signature is required for nominees under the age of 18). The nomination form must include an essay submitted by the nominator describing the nominee’s outstanding volunteerism and how it benefited others.

NOTE: Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Please preview your submissions before hitting the “Submit” button on the nomination form to make sure all required field is covered. If submitted properly, you should receive an email copy of your submission and a response that states, “Thank You. Your submission has been received.” For questions, please email or call the SBOE Support office at (512) 463-9007.

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