NEFT Vodka, Unique Award Winning Vodka

screwdriver cocktail by pool
Courtesy photo NEFT vodka

NEFT Vodka, Look For The Oil Barrel

Heads up vodka lovers, we’d like to introduce you to NEFT vodka. NEFT is a smooth offering with a package ready for adventure. No more packing for the beach, the lake, or even the plane and worrying about “breakage”, with the NEFT oil barrel, the only concern is, did you pack enough?

With warmer weather arriving, its time to start thinking about switching from winter beverages to refreshing adult beverages. You know the drinks that taste best on the patio, at the beach, on the boat, etc.

So, what makes NEFT vodka unique…other than the packaging? NEFT combines four different types of non-GMO ancient rye grains – Rapidly, Amato, Pollino, and Askari – and is distilled three times in a copper-pot still using carbon layer filtering. But the real secret is in the water, crafted using oxygen-rich spring water from the Alps of Austria.

NEFT vodka
NEFT vodka courtesy photo

The result, NEFT reminded us of the vodkas we tried while visiting Russia, smooth and made to be sipped. While I love trying new cocktails, I don’t love the “extra” calories from mixers, syrups, etc. and found vodka soda with some muddled fruit to be a great alternative. Our favorite way to enjoy NEFT: chilled, served over nugget ice, with muddled strawberries or blackberries.

Double Gold Medal Winner

NEFT has received a 98 point rating from the Tasting Panel, a 92 point rating and Gold Medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute, was named one of the “Top 20 Vodka Brands of 2020” by VinePair, and is a two-time Double gold medal winner as well as Best Vodka winner at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition. NEFT vodka is one of only three vodkas to win that recognition consecutively over the past two years (2018, 2019); and significantly, in the same Competition, won “Best Vodka” in 2018.

Oh, did we mention the barrel can keep the vodka chilled for up to six hours? So whether you’re going to mix up a mule, shake a martini, or relax with a cape cod, NEFT is ready to mix and mingle. You can find NEFT Vodka on the shelf at your local Spec’s.