Midlothian Mayor Reno Reflects on COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

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Mayor Reno Emphasizes Need To Keep Our Guard Up

Today, Governor Greg Abbott announced his plans for a gradual re-opening of businesses across Texas during the continuing Coronavirus crisis. Following President Trump’s advice of gauging the rate at which states re-open by the prevalence of COVID-19 in each community, the governor is developing plans based on the Texas experience.

With 16,638 people in Texas who have tested positive for COVID-19 as of April 16, 2020, our state has among the higher number of cases in the US; however, at a rate of 0.699 cases per every 1,000 people, our per capita rate is lower than most states. Part of this may be due to good fortune, but it is also due to citizens observing Ellis County’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order and heeding the CDC’s guidelines for hygiene and social distancing.

Regardless of the current number of cases in our community, we know that Coronavirus is going to continue to plague us for some time to come. Our most vulnerable members of the population will still be at high risk for suffering serious effects if infected by this highly contagious disease. As our residents return to work, we must keep up our guard and remember that until a vaccine or cure is available, the disease remains deadly to some. All of us want to protect the health of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Together, we must implement a plan for supporting our economy in light of the continuing threat of Coronavirus.

Our country has wisely put its faith in scientific data and healthcare experts to help us slow down the spread of the Coronavirus in the US. As citizens we have put our faith in our leaders to protect us from the economic consequences of combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Midlothian will continue to work together to safeguard the health of our citizens and our local economy. As your mayor, I will serve alongside other community leaders on Ellis County’s Task Force to return our community to work orderly and safely.