Midlothian ISD Announces 2020-2021 School Options

Midlothian ISD 2020-2021 school calendar
Midlothian ISD 2020-2021 school calendar

Parents Have Two Choices This Fall- In Person At School or Virtual Learning

This afternoon Midlothian ISD Superintendent Lane Ledbetter discussed the fall options on a Facebook live. MISD Superintendent says they do NOT have the option of solely offering virtual learning this Fall. He explains that is subject to change as guidelines from the Governor and TEA continue to evolve. So, Midlothian ISD will offer in person face to face learning five days a week or Virtual learning with six hours of instruction per day.

Parents will be sent a survey via email and asked to submit their choice of the two options. Final commitments from parents will be due at least two weeks prior to first day of school, which is a TEA requirement.

Their goal is for Midlothian ISD teachers not to have to teach both virtual and in-person. The goal is for the teacher to be able to do one or the other. However, if schools were to close due to COVID-19 the in person teachers would have to transition to online teaching. Superintendent per TEA only has the ability to close the campus up to 5 days due to COVID-19.

Midlothian ISD will have sample schedules posted on the MISD website. The website will also have frequently asked questions to help parents make an informed decision.

As far as in person instruction, Becki Krsnak Curriculum and Instruction Director at Midlothian ISD, commented “Please know the face to face in school schedule will be very similar to “normal” school as much as possible, with additional cleaning and brain breaks built into the day.””

Virtual Learning at Midlothian ISD

In the spring, Midlothian ISD offered asynchronous learning, the fall will look very different. Virtual learning will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning. The goal is to ramp up virtual learning to match the pace and scope of learning in the actual classroom.

Midlothian ISD is in the process of implementing safety guidelines for the fall semester. Supplies are in the process of being ordered, examples include plexiglass shields for the cafeteria. Hand sanitizing stations are being considered for all campuses. MISD is looking at adding more janitorial staff to increase frequency of cleaning.

More information will be provided on MISD’s Back to School 2020 webpage that will go live this afternoon. The webpage will be updated on a regular basis as guidance from the Governor, TEA and County Judge evolves.

Mask requirements and other issues will be discussed at the MISD Board meeting on July 20. Superintendent Ledbetter emphasizes safety is the number one priority.

*This is a developing story and we will have more information once the webpage goes live*

We’d love to hear from students and teacher sin MISD on your thoughts about the options. Please email us at editor@focusdailynews.com