Midlothian ISD Gets Creative To Connect With Students

Midlothian ISD gets creative
Photo:Midlothian ISD Facebook

With parents, teachers and students in Midlothian ISD and across the country adapting to terms like flex learning, distant learning, etc. some are finding creative ways to connect. At a time when there’s so much stress and sadness, we love finding reasons to smile. While social media has a lot of flaws, it’s also been an outlet for creativity. See how MISD is rising up and demonstrating they are #MISDProud.

This week, Mt. Peak Elementary’s P.E. Coach Will Probst shared his version of (Don’t) “Stand by Me”. Hey, Coach our kids want to know if the music teacher rated your performance?

And, we think the Principal of J.R. Irvin’s “At Home Learning Check-In” video is more epic than all of the snow day cancellation videos ever made.

In an effort to share how much he misses his students, Mr. Roberts, created and performed his own song “Mr. Roberts Misses You.”

I think it’s safe to say if this Principal gig doesn’t work out for him, he might have a future performing. Anyone know, Ellen Degeneres, we should send her these clips.

Longbranch Elementary has been posting videos they call “Daily Dose of Cheer” which are super fun.

If you are a teacher, student, administrator in MISD or another district in our coverage area and want to share your fun ways to stay in touch with students, feel free to email us editor@focusdailynews.com. Thank YOU for making this time easier on our students.