Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery Introduces its Mixed-Up Mule Canned Cocktails to Texas

Mixed Up Mule cans of canned cocktails
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Premium Bar Quality Cocktails In A Can

SILVER CITY, NM  (July 19, 2022)Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery is bringing a taste of the Southwest to Texas with the state-wide availability of its Mixed-Up Mule canned cocktails. Until now, Little Toad Creek’s Mixed-Up Mule ready-to-drink cocktails were only available in New Mexico and Colorado. Thanks to the brand’s expanded distribution, Texans can now crack open a premium craft cocktail made with gin, rum, and vodka, real juices, and agave nectar to enjoy anywhere. Mixed-Up Mule is available in four flavors, including Watermelon Jalapeno, Gin & Grapefruit, Mojito, and Classic Mule.

“My husband and I dreamed up the concept of our Mixed-Up Mule cocktails while sipping a delicious drink during a vacation in Belize,” says Teresa Dahl-Bredine, co-founder of Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery. “We perfected our recipes over the course of more than a year to create balanced, bar-quality cocktails made with spirits that we distill in-house and fresh ingredients. We are thrilled to have our Mixed-Up Mule ready-to-go cocktails now available throughout Texas. Now with a crack of the can, Texans can easily be their own bartender. We blend our cocktails with our quality spirits to craft unique tits on classic cocktails that you can take from poolside to the campsite to the comforts of home.”

Mixed-Up Mule Canned Cocktail Flavors

Each Mixed-Up Mule is blended and canned with creativity and care by Little Toad Creek with with just booze, juice, and agave nectar. The premium, chemical-free craft cocktails are sold in 12-ounce cans, each including gin, vodka, or rum at 10% ABV.

classic mule mixed up mule can
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Classic Mule This ready-to-drink classic mule is for lovers of the pure and bold! Spicy ginger juice, fresh lime and lemon, just a touch of sweet agave nectar, and vodka – that’s it! Simple, natural ingredients make this 10% ABV cocktail a well-balanced instant classic.

Mojito The Mojito meets the Mule and surprise, surprise – they are instant friends!  With mint-infused rum, tangy lime, bold ginger beer sweetened only with agave nectar, what’s not to love about this ready-to-drink rock star?

• Watermelon Jalapeño Mixed-Up Mule The traditional Moscow Mule takes a detour into bold new territory. Think ripe, juicy watermelon and the double-kick of ginger and jalapeño, plus tangy lime and sweet agave. Crack a can enjoy the ride!

Mixed Up Mule can gin grapefruit
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• Gin & Grapefruit Mixed-Up Mule This perfectly balanced Gin Mule invites a burst of fresh grapefruit to the spicy ginger beer and gin party. A light touch of sweet agave and fresh lime tie it all together for an exceptional ready-to-drink cocktail.

Mixed-Up Mule canned cocktails are distributed throughout Texas by Flood Distribution. All four ready-to-go cocktails are available in retail stores such as Specs, Total Wine & More, Cactus Liquors, Twin Liquors, Everest Liquors, Skips Beer Wine and Liquor, and more. Mixed-Up Mules are also available at select bars and restaurants in Texas.

About Mixed-Up Mule

Mixed-Up Mules are an all-new range of craft premium canned cocktails by Little Toad Creek Distillery. Focusing on high-quality ingredients, unique flavor profiles, and a little bit of fun as the brand’s North Star, Mixed-Up Mule products are canned with confidence using only straight booze, real juice (never from concentrate), and a little agave nectar to sweeten the deal. With 10% ABV and with NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives (as in nothing. Nada. Zero. ZILCH!!), consumers are always just one shake away from craft premium cocktails that taste like they were just made by a bartender – no matter where the adventure goes. Learn More online at: and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

About Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery

Originally co-founded by Dave and Teresa Dahl-Bredine in 2012 as a remote Inn and Tavern in Lake Roberts, NM, surrounded by the Gila Wilderness, Little Toad Creek derived its name from Sapillo Creek that ran along the property. The founders quickly found that the best part of this business was people coming from far and near to taste their brews. Dave and Teresa followed the excitement and their own passion to put all their focus into crafting beer and spirits.

Coming down the mountain, so to speak, the owners founded their current location in Silver City, NM, in December of 2013 and opened a second location in downtown Las Cruces in 2018. In 2016, Dave and Teresa restored the 1940s Silver City Liquor Co. warehouse to accommodate the company’s new 15 BBL brewhouse and 300-gallon still.

Now, this state-of-the-art brewing and distilling operation is reviving a history-rich part of downtown Silver City along San Vicente Creek. Patrons are invited to visit and join Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery for a tasty beverage in Silver City or Las Cruces… and to stay tuned for news of the brand’s third location, coming soon in Deming, NM! Learn more online at: and follow the brand via Instagram and Twitter.