How One Grand Prairie Police Officer Saved a Kitten And Changed A Life  

Police Officer with kitten
One very happy family thanks to the Grand Prairie Police Department

From Brrr to Prrr, GP Officer Rescues Kitten

GRAND PRAIRIE – You have got to love cops…at least most of the time.

Take for example a recent act of heroism by Grand Prairie police officer  Dylan Jones.

He knew that warm fuzzy kittens do not belong out in the cold.

So, when Jones saw a little kitten walking around lost last week, he decided instead of hoping someone else would pick the kitty up, he did himself.

On Twitter the Grand Prairie Police Department posted a photo of the little kitten looking over the steering wheel of the police car. It read “the kitten was very curious and warm inside our squad car.”

Another post read “The little kitten went from brrr to prrr and is now safe. He was so cold and scared but he walked right up to me. I picked him up and stuffed him in my jacket.”

After Jones saved the kitten – they named Badger – the police department then worked with the city’s Prairie Paws to find Badger a home.

Badger Still Has Nine Lives

“The Grand Prairie Police Department is always looking out for our community, and when the opportunity arises to save a furry friend, they take action,” said Grand Prairie Police Department Public Information Officer Chelsea Kretz. “Officer Jones happened upon this kitten and made the effort to make contact. When the kitten willingly approached him, Officer Jones was able to gently place the kitten in his jacket. It was a bitter cold evening and the likelihood of the kitten surviving on its own was slim.”

Officer Jones delivered Badger to his new home with the Gonzales family last week. The family also has an 11-year-old son who now has a furry new friend just in time for the holidays.

“Thanks to his [Officer Jones] caring heart, he was able to deliver the kitten to the perfect home,” Kretz concluded. “This is just another example of the fine work our officers do daily.”