Hope Supply Co. Needs Our Help!

Hope Supply Co. Needs Our Help
Hope Supply Co.

Hope Supply Co. has a critical need for diapers, wipes, and other essential items for babies during the coronavirus pandemic. Hope Supply, located in Dallas, is the largest diaper bank in Texas. Diaper banks throughout the U.S. report there’s a supply chain problem with getting diaper orders on a timely basis. In many areas items like diapers and wipes are often sold out.

Hope’s staff helps support the thousands of children in DFW who are in need right now. Many recipients are parents who live below the poverty line. Moms and kids in women’s shelters, and parents in homeless shelters, need our help. The organization is asking the public to help donate diapers and wipes, or to make monetary donations to help local families.

Barbara Johnson, CEO, Hope Supply Co., said, “Demand has spiked almost 300 percent, so we’re seeing almost three times as much need out there as normal. We are receiving a lot of calls from non-partners and individuals who are just desperate right now.”

Statistics Show Impact

The supply company is currently experiencing a 78% decrease in the total number of physical donations received each month, since the CDC announced the COVID-19 virus was active in the U.S. Donations fell from 12,272 in January to only 2,712 in March. At the same time, distributions have increased dramatically. Nearly 7,600 more diapers per week or 30,000 more diapers per month are being distributed.

Hope Supply Co. Needs Our Help!
Hope Supply Co.

The monthly average spent to purchase essential items increased by nearly 70%. Although COVID-19 has negatively impacted vendor purchasing, the company has maintained their 5X Bulk Purchasing Power. Requests are up nearly 300%, and Hope Supply Co. has exhausted over 40% of inventory since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Donation Information Online

As the largest diaper bank in North Texas, Hope supplies two-thirds of all diapers distributed to homeless and at-risk infants and toddlers in the region. Hope Supply Co. distributed 1.6 million diapers to partner agencies in 2018, enough diapers to cover 70,000 babies for one month. Donations to Hope Supply Co. go further with their bulk purchasing power. A donation of only $40 allow the purchase of a one-month supply of diapers for one baby.

Visit hopesupplyco.org for more information and ways to make cash or in-kind donations, or to volunteer for the organization.