Historic Downtown Mansfield Announces $50 Million Revitalization Project

conceptual drawing of downtown Mansfield
Conceptual images provided by City of Mansfield

Mansfield Looks To Reinvigorate Downtown District With New Development Project

MANSFIELD, Texas — The City of Mansfield is set to begin a transformative mixed-use development project in Historic Downtown Mansfield that will reinvigorate the district and catalyze future development.

The development – in collaboration with Hoque Global, a Dallas-based investment firm – will bring residential, retail, recreational, office and parking space to four acres of land along Smith and Elm streets in Historic Downtown Mansfield. Also planned are an innovation center that will foster and encourage entrepreneurial endeavors in the heart of Mansfield and an above-ground parking garage near Smith and Depot streets. Furthermore, the development will enhance the walkability of the neighborhood to expand its accessibility and promote passive activation from the Pond Branch Linear Park trail.

“For many years, our city’s leaders have been patiently waiting for a development that will revitalize this four-acre stretch of city-owned land in Historic Downtown Mansfield and position the neighborhood for long-term growth,” Mansfield City Manager Joe Smolinski said. “That development is here.”

conceptual image green space
Conceptual image courtesy City of Mansfield

The development – designed by award-winning architectural firm Merriman-Anderson – is a continuation of the City of Mansfield’s efforts to invest in the Historic Downtown district. In recent years, the city has completely reconstructed South Main Street, built the Pond Branch Linear Park, renovated the North Main Street Trail and positioned Historic Downtown Mansfield as an attractive tourist destination.

“Historic Downtown Mansfield is one of our city’s most beloved districts – one that has been essential to Mansfield’s storied past,” Mansfield Mayor Michael Evans said. “This development will modernize this neighborhood and put businesses already in the area in a position to thrive for years to come. It is a win for the Mansfield community and a win for businesses current and future.”

A Catalyst For More Downtown Projects

“Downtown Mansfield has served as a place to live, work, and play for many generations before us. It’s truly exciting to align ourselves with a proven developer, Hoque Global, that specializes in revitalization,” said Todd Tonore, Mayor Pro Tem and Chairman of the Historic Downtown Mansfield Revitalization Subcommittee. “Hoque Global currently has a $300 million project in Downtown Dallas. This $50 million project for Mansfield will be the catalyst to many other projects in the Historic Downtown area.”

The announcement of this project comes one year after the City of Mansfield adopted a comprehensive set of strategies for the continued development of Historic Downtown Mansfield. One of those strategies was for the city to use its Downtown real estate assets “to catalyze and sustain private development activity.”

“We are very excited to welcome Hoque Global to Historic Downtown Mansfield,” Assistant City Manager Matt Jones said. “Their project is a livable and dynamic mixed-use development that will serve as an economic engine and support our goal to maintain a fiscally sustainable economy. We look forward to seeing more people and new office, dining, and shopping opportunities downtown. This transformative development further advances our vision of being a vibrant hometown.”

Raising The Bar For Connectivity & Urban Design

conceptual image of Mansfield project

“We are looking forward to working closely with Hoque Global and their partners to enhance Historic Downtown Mansfield’s distinct cultural, economic, and physical flavor,” said Jason Alexander, Director of Planning for the City of Mansfield. “This is an extremely exciting project that promises to raise the bar for connectivity and urban design in downtown without compromising the delivery of distinct opportunities for living, working, and gathering.”

The City of Mansfield aims to break ground on the development within the next 18 months. Once ground is broken, construction is estimated to last for 24 months. In the coming months, the City of Mansfield and Hoque Global will continue to finalize the architectural design, amenities and other details of the development.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Mansfield on this catalytic project that will help achieve the City’s strategic goals,” said Arthur Santa-Maria, Hoque Global’s Vice President of Investment and Development. “Mansfield’s strong leadership is reflected in the City’s steady growth and success, and the Downtown Mansfield development will have a major impact on continued progress for the community. This project completely aligns with Hoque Global’s mission of development with transformative economic and cultural impact.”