Highway 67 Shut Down Sunday After Motorcycle Fatality

Cedar Hill motorcycle fatality
With the spring weather more motorcycles are on the road, remember to always wear a helmet when venturing out.

Cedar Hill Motorcycle Fatality Shuts down 67

CEDAR HILL –  A motorcycle fatality shut down Highway 67 this past Sunday afternoon. At approximately 4:19 p.m. Cedar Hill Police responded to a motorcycle accident on the east frontage road of the 1700 block of S. Highway 67.

When officers arrived on the scene the driver of the motorcycle – the only rider – was already deceased.

Traffic northbound on Highway 67 was shut down for several miles and traffic diverted to the service road.

As I passed the scene of the accident driving south on Highway 67 Sunday, I saw a motorcycle with blue coloring on its side off the main highway heading north. Further south on the closed highway I saw a blue bag next to the ambulance on the northbound side of the highway. The City of Midlothian police department also assisted Cedar Hill with the shutdown of Highway 67 northbound at the entrance of the highway at Shiloh Road.

Cedar Hill Police did not indicate how many hours the highway was shut down on Sunday afternoon.

Preliminary investigation regarding the motorcycle fatality indicated a motorcycle was heading northbound on the east frontage road in the 1700 block of S. Highway 67 when the accident occurred. Preliminary investigation also indicated speed was a factor in the crash.

No other vehicles were believed to be involved in the crash according to a Cedar Hill Police Department press release. The Cedar Hill Police Department is continuing its investigation of the crash and is working with the Dallas County Medical Examiner to identify the driver.

Motorcycle fatalities in Texas

According to the TxDot.gov website there were 499 motorcyclists (operators and passengers) killed in 2017 in Texas. Fifty one percent (51%) of motorcyclists killed were not wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

In 2019 that number was only 418 fatalities according to a May 6, 2019 report.

As spring weather draws near however, roadways fatality risk for motorcyclists increase.

“Last year motorcycle fatalities were reduced by 17 %, which is a big step forward; still one death is too many for the Lone Star State,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass in a press release last year. “As motorcyclists hit the road to enjoy the open air and beautiful scenery, it’s important that vehicle drivers and motorcyclists remain alert and look out for each other on the road. We want everyone to enjoy what Texas offers and reach their destinations safely.”

TxDOT urges all motorists to pay attentions for motorcyclists:

  • Look twice for motorcycles, especially at intersections.
  • Always assume motorcycles are closer than they appear to be and avoid turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Use turn signals and check blind spots before changing lanes.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance.
  • Give motorcyclists a full lane, especially when passing.
  • Obey posted speed limits.

Since November 8, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roadways every single day. Last year TX Dot began an #EndTheStreakTX campaign asking all Texans to commit to helping end the streak of daily deaths on Texas roadways.