Glenn Heights Runoff Mayoral Election February 23

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GLENN HEIGHTS — Saturday, two Glenn Heights contenders will have their final face off at the polls. Last month, five candidates fought for the open Glenn Heights mayoral seat. Former Glenn Heights council member Harry Garrett and newcomer Sheena Morgan came out on top. After the votes were tallied from Dallas and Ellis County voters there was no clear winner. The Runoff Election for City Mayor will be held February 23.

Former Place 5 Council Member Harry Garrett came away with a confirmed 46.97% [209 votes] of the electorate, but not the mandated 51% of the vote. There had been question as to who would be running against him.

Harry Garrett

Garrett said “I will bring harmony, respect and unity to the council. Every voice will be heard, every idea will be given due consideration if I win the seat.”

He adds that breaking ground on city facilities, upgrading city parks and repairing the streets is his first priority. Garrett also proposes a change in the pay grade for the city’s frontline employees.

“So [that] they make at least a living wage,” he said. “All these things can be done now without delay. The funding is available.”

Runoff Contender Determined

Consequently, the difference between the second and third place candidates was razor thin. There were four votes that had yet to be counted to determine if Morgan or former Glenn Heights Mayor Leon Tate would vie for the seat against Garrett.

Sheena Morgan

With four provisional ballots to be counted when the race was over, Morgan had been ahead  by four votes. After the votes were examined twice, Morgan finally came away with one additional vote. This solidified her place on the runoff ballot. Morgan had 74 votes or 16.63% of the vote at the end of the January election.

Morgan said she had three key goals if she wins the seat. She wants to (1) “Work with the city staff to develop a community forum that allows for shared discussion on issues and ideas; (2) To help move the city forward and identify areas of improvement. (and 3) Then work with local adjoining city leaders to identify potential partnership opportunities related to economic growth in Glenn Heights and develop a strategy and establish a focus group from the creation of a small business resource hub within the city.”

“Although the term is only nine months, I believe that the current city council is positioned well with innovative thinkers, progressive leadership and a passion for establishing opportunities to move our city forward,” she adds.

The provisional ballots that had not been counted were determined ineligible all except for the one vote being cast for Morgan.