Cinco de Mayo Cocktails: Margaritas and Much More!

1800 tequila bottle and margarita

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse to celebrate with friends, and what fuels a good get-together better than cocktails? Margaritas are often the star of the show on Cinco de Mayo. But why stop there? This year, put your mixologist skills to use and whip up some smoky mezcal concoctions or spicy Paloma twists. So ditch the predictability and embrace the exciting world of Cinco de Mayo cocktails with these recipes!

Flecha Azul Blanco ($44.99) is the foundation of all expressions, delivers a balanced profile of expressive spice, cooked agave, ripe fruit and honey-sweet floral notes.

Flecha Margarita


    • 2 oz Flecha Azul Blanco Tequila

    • ¾ oz fresh lime juice

    • ¾ oz triple sec

    • Method: Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a rocks glass with ice. Enjoy!

    • For the one who likes a kick :
      • Flecha Azul Reposado ($54.99), aged 6 months, maintains the bright, crisp character of Blanco, layered against praline, vanilla, sandalwood and subtle baking spices.

Spicy Cucumber Margarita

cucumber margarita

        • 1.5oz Flecha Azul Reposado

        • 5 slices of Serrano Pepper

        • 2 oz Cucumber Juice

          • Slice 1 cucumber. Blend well. Strain and press through a sieve.

        • ½ oz Lime Juice

        • ¾ oz Orange Juice

        • Tajin for the rim

        • Cucumber Juice:

        • Method: Add reposado and serrano pepper to a cocktail shaker. Muddle. Add the rest of the ingredients and ice. Shake well. Strain into an ice-filled Tajin rimmed glass.

1800 Tequila shares some delicious custom cocktails curated by Chicano bartender, Michael Aredes.


1800 tequila bottles and mug



1.5 oz 1800 Cristalino
.5 oz Orange Juice
.5 oz Grapefruit Juice
.5 oz Lime Juice
3 oz Jarritos Grapefruit Soda
Garnish: Garnish with Grasshopper Salt and Orange Slice

Instruction: In a shaker tin, combine 1800 Cristalino, fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, and lime juice. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice into rocks glass and top with Jarritos Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with orange slice and grasshopper salt.

1800 Margarita

1800 tequila bottle and margarita

1.5 oz 1800 Cristalino
.5 oz Lime Juice
.5 oz Agave Syrup
1 oz Mango Puree
Tajin Rim

Garnish: Garnish with Tamarind Straw

Instruction: Take a fresh rocks glass and run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, then dip into tajin. Separately, in a shaker tin, combine 1800 Cristalino, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, mango puree and lime juice. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Take rocks glass with Tajin rim, and strain liquid over fresh ice. Garnish with tamarind straw.


1800 tequila bottle and cocktail

1 oz 1800 Reposado
.5 oz Spanish Liqueur
.5 oz Cinnamon Syrup
1 oz Cold Brew
Garnish: Garnish with grated Cinnamon

Instruction: In a shaker tin, combine 1800 Reposado, Spanish liquor, cinnamon syrup and cold brew. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh ice into rocks glass and grate cinnamon over the top.

Casa Noble Golden Lexus Margarita



  • 2 oz Casa Noble Anejo
  • 1 oz Yuzu Extract
  • 1 oz Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre
  • ¼ oz Agave Syrup
  • Gold Flake


  • Add all ingredients, except for the gold flake to a shaker tin with ice.
  • Shake and strain to a rocks glass with a single large ice cube.
  • Garnish with gold flake.

Mi Campo Kumquat Margarita


2 oz Mi Campo Reposado
7-8 Kumquats halved
2 Jalapeno slices
1 oz Orange liqueur
½ oz Fresh squeezed lime
½ oz Agave nectar


Combine kumquats and Jalapeno slices to a cocktail shaker with squeezed lime juice and muddle.

Add in your agave nectar, orange liqueur, Mi Campo Reposado, ice & shake.

Strain into a salt rimmed rocks glass over fresh ice and top with a splash of soda water.

Garnish with Jalapeno & dehydrated kumquat slices and enjoy.

PATRÓN Reposado Spicy Margarita

Patron bottle and margarita


2 oz PATRÓN Reposado

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 oz Agave Syrup

3 Seedless Jalapeño Slices

+Tajin Rim

+Lime Wheel for Garnish



Gently muddle the jalapeño slices in the cocktail shaker.
Add tequila, lime juice, agave, and ice to shaker.
Shake and strain into a rocks glass rimmed with Tajin over fresh ice.
Garnish with lime wheel and one more jalapeño slice.

Dos Hombres Signature Cinco de Mezcal Cocktails

Party Punch 

punch bowl with fruit


  • 2 Cups Dos Hombres Mezcal

  • 1 ½ Cups Pomegranate Juice

  • ½ Cup Fresh Orange Juice

  • ¼ Cup Lime Juice

  • ⅛ Cup Orgeat Syrup

  • 2 Cups Blood Orange Soda

Directions: Add all ingredients to a punch bowl, add ice, stir to incorporate. Garnish with orange slices, lime slices, and pomegranate seeds. Enjoy with friends!

TO PURCHASE: Reserve Bar


Mezcal Margarita 



  • 2oz. Dos Hombres Mezcal

  • .50oz. Agave sweetener (optional)

  • .75oz. Fresh lime juice

  • 1oz. Cointreau

Directions: Add all ingredients into a mixing tin with ice. Shake and strain into a large rocks glass.

Pick your passion:

Spicy: Rim your glass with salt + chili powder

Sweet: Rim your glass with sugar + salt

TO PURCHASE: Reserve Bar





  • 2 oz Dos Hombres Mezcal

  • Grapefruit soda

  • .25 oz Agave Syrup

  • .5 oz Lime Juice

Directions: Add Mezcal, Agave, and Lime Juice to your shaker and vigorously shake. Pour into a rocks glass and fill with Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with a dehydrated grapefruit slice.

Avo Colada 

light green beverage in highball glasses
1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
½ oz Agave
½ an Avocado
2 tbsp Coconut Yogurt
Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Lime
Method: Muddle. Shake. Strain over Fresh Ice. Top with Sparkling Mineral Water. Garnish with a lime.

Mana Daisy 

light yellow cocktails in coupe glasses
2 oz Teremana Blanco
3/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Passion Fruit Syrup
Splash of Soda (added directly to tin before straining)
Garnish: Edible flower
Glassware: Coupe
Method: Place lemon juice, passion fruit syrup & Teremana Blanco into a shaker. Shake and add a splash of soda directly to tin before straining. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with edible flower.

Mana Spritz 

pink cocktails
2 oz Teremana Blanco
2 oz Fresh Lemonade
2 oz Soda Water
1/4 oz Grenadine
Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Lemon Wheel
Method: Combine Teremana, Lemonade and Soda Water in a highball glass over ice. Top with grenadine. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Looking for more ideas for cocktails featuring tequila? Check out these fun and easy-to-usealphabetical guide to tequila cocktails, with 75 cocktail recipes and a bartending basics booklet so you won’t have to worry about figuring out what glass to use, how to mix, and so much more!

Tequila cocktail cards

Every card has a full-color photo to show you what your drink will look like in the end! Recipes include Tequila Sunrise, Jalapeño Margarita, The Paloma, Bloody Maria, Tequila Slammer, and many more. It’s fun to randomly pull out several cards and then have guests blindly choose one for you to make at a party.

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