Cedar Hill Mayor Proclaims September 28 National Good Neighbor Day

national good neighbor
Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day In Cedar Hill September 28

At the September 26 meeting of Cedar Hill’s City Council, Mayor Rob Franke presented members of the Neighborhood Advisory Board with a proclamation. The proclamation declared September 28 as “National Good Neighbor Day” in Cedar Hill.

The Neighborhood Advisory Board is a nine-member board that acts as an advisory to Neighborhood Services and the City Council concerning matters involving neighborhoods and community affairs. The Board assists Neighborhood Services in the creation, development and implementation of programs designed to encourage, support and strengthen neighborhoods. The Board also provides communication between neighborhoods and city administration and serves as advocates for issues that impact and benefit the community at large.

Neighborhood Advisory Board Chairman Sherman Roberson said, “For National Good Neighbor Day in Cedar Hill, the Mayor asked citizens to use the day to encourage neighbors to get to know one another better, and to celebrate friendship and the work we do every day to make our neighborhoods safe places to live, work and play.”

Roberson added, “I thought it was great timing to have National Good Neighbor Day on September 28, because it was within a week of National Night Out which was held on October 3. I remember when I was growing up, you knew all of your neighbors in your entire community, let alone your street. And if your neighbor saw you doing something wrong, your parents were definitely going to hear about it.”

“Unfortunately, now most people don’t even know their next door neighbor, let alone neighbors on your entire street. Hopefully events like National Good Neighbor Day and National Night Out will encourage people to get to know their neighbors and be more involved in their communities,” Roberson said.

The Cedar Hill Neighborhood Advisory Board meets at 6:30 p.m. the second Monday of each month in Conference Room D at the Cedar Hill Government Center. The public is invited to attend these meetings.

Neighborhood Advisory Board members along with Roberson include Batunde Adetiba, Erika Anderson, Nancy Durant, Marta Kihn, Carolyn Montgomery-Rachal, Kim Rimmer, Connie Vaughn and Reginald Williams.

Michelle Ebanks serves as Cedar Hill’s Neighborhood Services Coordinator. She is shown in the featured photo with Stacey Graves (Neighborhood Services Manager), Sherman Roberson, Kim Rimmer, Nancy Durant, Connie Vaughn and City Councilman Daniel Haydin.