Cedar Hill ISD Continues “Adopt A Senior” Tradition


Cedar Hill ISD Continues “Adopt A Senior” Tradition

(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) Cedar Hill Independent School District is continuing the “Adopt-a-Senior” tradition, which CHISD Superintendent Dr. Gerald B. Hudson started last spring.

“We wanted to do something special for the first COVID-affected graduating class,” Hudson said. “This was an excellent way for the community to connect with scholars and show their appreciation.”

The CHISD Family and Community Engagement (FACE) office created and maintained an Adopt-a-Senior Facebook group where over 200 seniors were adopted last spring.

“To continue the success of last year’s efforts, we want to ensure that the Class of 2021 Cedar Hill ISD seniors feel just as supported,” CHISD FACE Director Alicia Davis said. “So we invite the Cedar Hill, TX community and beyond to “adopt” a Senior by joining the official Adopt a Cedar Hill ISD Class of 2021 Facebook Group.”

To join, search Facebook for “Adopt a Cedar Hill ISD Class of 2021 Senior” or click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638847963631810.

From April 26 to July 2, anyone can join the Facebook group and either nominate a Cedar Hill ISD senior to be adopted or adopt one. To nominate a senior, a group member will create a post that includes the scholar’s photo, campus, future plans, and anything else they would want their potential adopter to know.

An adopter will comment on the post and send a direct message to the nominator/adoptee to obtain the contact information of the senior and a list of their likes (e.g., favorite food, drink, snacks, restaurants, colors, hobbies, music, authors, magazines, their post high school plans, etc.).

Adopters can send a care package, gift basket, encouraging note, school spirit swag, sweet treats, goodie bag, or anything to help honor and celebrate their senior adoptee. Adopters may choose to do a one-time drop off or may opt to do multiple drop-offs.

Once a senior is adopted, the nominator/adoptee will edit their original group post to reflect that they have been adopted. Once the adopter makes their delivery, the nominator/adoptee is asked to create another post with photos and/or videos of the Class of 2021 senior receiving their items once they are delivered!

“We want to ensure that all of our nominated seniors have a chance to be adopted and encourage each student to only be adopted one time,” Davis said. “However, adopters can adopt more than one student if they so choose so join today to put a smile on a senior scholar’s face.”

The Adopt-a-Senior page is available through July 2, 2021.