Cedar Hill City Council Presents Lifesaving Award To Jaxson Stroud & Tim Lyons

Jaxson Stroud Tim Lyons with Cedar Hill fire department
Photo credit City of Cedar Hill

Last night Cedar Hill City Council presented a Lifesaving Award to Jaxson Stroud and Tim Lyons for their heroic actions.

On July 28, 2022, 9-year-old Jaxson was visiting his wheelchair-bound grandmother when he heard an explosion on the backyard patio. After noticing smoke and flames entering the house, Jaxson quickly jumped into action and assisted his grandmother into her wheelchair and began pushing her to safety. As he yelled for help, his neighbor entered the house to assist him and Mrs. Stroud to escape the intense heat and smoke from the blazing fire that severely damaged their house. Jaxson had no second thoughts about getting his grandmother to safety and displayed a distinct heroic character while rescuing Mrs. Stroud on that day.

They also recognized Mr. Tim Lyons for the heroic rescue of his neighbors Cheryl Stroud and her grandson Jaxson Stroud. On July 28, 2022, Mr. Lyons heard an explosion on Venus St. After seeing smoke and flames in the back yard of the house, he quickly ran around the corner to see if the residents needed any assistance. When he approached the front door, he heard young Jaxson yelling for help. He observed Jaxson struggling to get his grandmother’s wheelchair out of the front door.

After helping Jaxson out of the burning house, Mr. Lyons was able to get to Mrs. Stroud’s wheelchair and pushed her out of the house to safety before firefighters arrived on scene. Tim Lyons, with no hesitation, risked his own life and safety while rescuing his neighbors Cheryl and Jaxson Stroud on that day. Mr. Lyons displayed a distinct and unselfish heroic character.