Black Button Distilling Four Grain Straight Bourbon Has Character

Bottle of black button bourbon by firepit
Black Button Disitlling bourbon by Solo Stove Ranger firepit Photo by M Barclay

Black Button Distilling Four Grain Straight Bourbon Arrives In Texas

I love a good bourbon, and while the flavor is important to me, I also appreciate the story behind the amber liquid. Recently I spent an evening tasting two products from Black Button Distilling, while getting to chat with Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling president and master distiller via Zoom.

Now, most of us are all too familiar with Zoom meetings by now and know they can be boring but, Jason’s passion for Black Button Distilling and bourbon was palpable even through the computer. The self described “bourbon nerd”, started Black Button Distillery at age 24.

You might wonder, what does someone so young know about making bourbon? Well, Jason got his passion for bourbon from his grandfather. On Sundays the family would get together for dinners and he’d watch his grandfather enjoy his ritual of a bourbon afterwards.

Jason Barrett with Black Button bourbon barrel
Owner of Blackbutton Distilling Jason Barrett Photo courtesy Black Button Distilling

A Passion For Bourbon You Can Taste

His appreciation for bourbons and whiskeys has grown and was evident when we got a sneak peek of his personal whiskey collection. I won’t name names but will say there was at least one Texas based bourbon in his bar.

With Black Button four grain straight bourbon Jason uses a unique process to achieve a smooth bourbon with a clean finish. With its aroma of fresh oak, toffee and leather along with light caramel and vanilla flavors it can be enjoyed with a ball of ice or in an old fashioned.

When Jason started the distillery there were no other distilleries in Rochester, so the barley they use is malted specifically for them. Black Button is the first grain-to-glass farm distillery in Rochester, NY since prohibition. Staying true to their roots, their spirits are made with 90% New York State all-natural ingredients.

Jason said, “We are a licensed Farm Distillery, dedicated to preserving New York State’s rich agricultural heritage. That focus on creating the finest grain-to-glass spirits with locally-grown grains is important to Texans who appreciate high-quality small batch, handcrafted spirits made with only natural ingredients and sustainable practices.”

Black Button Bourbon Cream and Gin bottles
Black Button Bourbon, Bourbon Cream and Citrus Forward Gin Courtesy photo

Black Button Four Grain Is A Homerun

I’ve been enjoying the Black Button four grain bourbon neat or with a large ball of ice. Its so smooth I have to remember to savor it. Even my non-bourbon drinking hubby found it easy to drink. The Four Grain Straight Bourbon has won numerous awards including a 2020 John Barley Corn Gold Medal. It is available in 750mL for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Black Button also sent a bottle of their Bourbon Cream to try, and it is incredible. I’m not a big liqueur drinker, but I instantly fell in love with the rich Bourbon Cream and started imagining it with a slice of whiskey cake or with chocolate ice cream! When winter returns I’m going to try a splash in my coffee on cold evenings, and may try a few blender drinks this summer.

The Bespoke Bourbon Cream has won numerous awards including a Gold Medal at the 2020 Concours International de Lyon competition. It is available in 750mL for a suggested retail price of $34.99.

Both the four grain bourbon and the bourbon cream are homeruns and will become regulars in my home bar.

Spirit lovers can find a store near them which retails Black Button Distilling’s products by using the following online store locator: