506 Active COVID-19 Cases In Ellis County

Graphs of COVID-19 ellis county
Johns Hopkins University infographic for Ellis County on July 4

Who Knows How Many COVID-19 Cases Are In Ellis County?

You may have heard the Governor or your local official say “we’re making decisions based on the data”. Data is king! Okay, great, but let’s make sure if we’re basing decisions on data, that the data is accurate. Residents in Ellis County have been expressing frustration over the reporting of COVID-19 in their county.

Simply put, the math just doesn’t add up. And, while there might be a logical explanation for the discrepancies, no one seems to be providing a consistent explanation.

According to the Texas DSHS dashboard, on July 4, 2020, Ellis County has 506 active COVID-19 cases. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Ellis County has crossed 1,000, at 1,046 as of reporting at 3:15 pm today. Fatalities from COVID-19 in Ellis County has not changed in weeks, and remains at 19 as reported.

Active COVID-19 ellis county

The last time we posted the numbers from DSHS was on July 2, when total number of cases was 901. On July 3, the DSHS dashboard showed 978, and today 1,046 TOTAL cases in Ellis County. Today, the report shows 506 of the 1,046 are active, with 453 recoveries.

So, let’s break down the math:

453 recoveries + 506 active = 959

959 + 19 deaths = 978

1046 – 978 = 68

We don’t know if the 68 are probable cases, deaths waiting for confirmation or an error in reporting.

Also, Worldometers data shows Ellis County 1,046 total cases, 19 deaths, but they report 417 active cases.

1046 covid19 cases in ellis county
1,046 total cases with 68 new cases being reported, 19 deaths, 417 active and 11,360 tests conducted

According to Texas COVID-19 Data Resource by Texas 2036, as of July 2, hospitals in Trauma Service Area E, reported the following:

1,805 COVID-19 Related ER Visits

2,023 Suspected COVID-19 Patients

1,534 Lab Confirmed COVID-19 Patients

All Beds Availability- 18.0%

ICU Beds Availability- 21.0%

Ventilator Availability- 65.0%

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