2021 Gift Guide: What Kids Want For Christmas This Year

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Alright elves it’s past time to check those lists and start filling the gift closet. Shipping delays and shortages are real and no one wants to be holding their breath for a delivery on Christmas Eve. We’ve talked to parents and kids in order to put together our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for kids.

Check back often as we may update our guide. Also, we encourage you to shop local whenever possible, even if it’s a national chain. By shopping at a store in our area you continue to support the local economy.

Gabby’s Dollhouse

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My 5 year old niece made it very clear that anything from Gabby’s Dollhouse a show she watches on Netflix, is definitely on her list. That includes everything from the 15 piece Dollhouse to one of the plush characters like her favorite MerCat. Check Walmart, Target, Amazon and your local toy store to see what’s in stock.


boy holding toy
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Speaking of my niece, my other niece, recently saw the coolest toy during show & tell at school. The Purrble, was named one of the 100 best inventions of 2021 by TIME Magazine. This cuddly interactive companion, helps people of all ages (especially kids, but also gen-z) work on their social-emotional learning and find calm in big moments of stress or anxiety. I think this cuddly toy will be a hit for any kids on your list, and maybe even some of the grown ups.


Fuel your child’s passion for arts and crafts with this 1,000+ piece LEGO® DOTS Lots of DOTS (41935) kit ($19.99). It’s full of exciting colors and shapes, including ¼, ½ and full circles, plus square tiles in rainbow colors, to kick-start creativity. With a wide selection of DOTS, kids are free to create endlessly! LEGO also has DOTS kits to kickstart a project and are perfect for keeping the kids busy on cold and rainy day. Kids 6+

Door Pong

Whether you have an only child at home or one that’s often complaining of boredom, or you’re short on space but your child loves ping pong, door pong might be the perfect gift. Door pong is ping pong without the table. It enhances hand-eye coordination, concentration, reflexes, cooperation, and more.

Goaliath Light Up Basketball Goal

illuminated basketball goal

With cooler weather you have to find ways for the kids to burn energy indoors. For the basketball fan on your list, the Goaliath light up basketball goal is the perfect gift. Kids can hoop it up indoors, the illuminated backboard is suitable for playing in the dark, and the rebound box flashes each time you make a basket.

ThinkFun and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Puzzle

thinking putty puzzle

Almost every kid loves playing with putty, but what if they could also solve puzzles with putty. Each of the 60 beginner-to-expert level challenges will put your spatial reasoning skills to the test as you attempt to connect the dots for all 6 Thinking Putty colors on the Puzzle Grid

Connect the same-colored dots by creating same-colored paths of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty without crossing different colored Thinking Putty paths. It’s unique play experience makes it one of the best gifts for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

KODAK Digital Instant Camera

KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera is $49.99 and perfect for the kid that wants to start capturing memories with a camera. Point, shoot and print with the Kodak Instant Print Camera


Sphero Specdrums (2 Rings) App-Enabled Musical Rings

Photo credit sphero

For the musically inclined child on your list, these app enabled rings look like a big hit. Specdrums are app-connected rings that make your world more musical. Tap a color, hear a sound. Launch a themed sound pack in the app to DJ anywhere, anytime, or tap the rings to hear words, numbers, and sound effects, or record custom audio in the app

We like these because they can go anywhere, road trip, doctor’s office, playdate. Specdrums rings will work on the playpad or on clothes, drawings, or any colored object in your world.

Christmas Cookie Coloring Tablecloth

cookie coloring cloth
Photo credit Uncommon Goods Facebook page

Often the kids want to pitch in when the holiday barking starts but then often become bored and that’s when messes happen. So, we love this cookie coloring tablecloth at Uncommon Goods. Keep the little ones busy while they’re also helping with the cookies. We love that its washable and ca be reused, but that it also includes recipes.


Mechanics Gravity

Mechanics Gravity box

Mechanics Gravity is a STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire to learn more about science.

Key Features:

  • A mechanical and magnetic construction system
  • A STEM product that can stimulate scientific learning
  • Winners of numerous awards.
  • Suitable for children aged 8 + to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction
  • The 130 plastic mechanical elements are at the heart of the Gravity system
  • Made using recycled plastic
  • The Geomag Mechanics Loops And Turns Construction Set – 130pc costs $39.99 from FatBrainToys.com

Garmin vivofit jr. 3

garmin vivofit
Photo credit Garmin website

Does your child want a smartwatch for Christmas? We know an Apple Watch is too expensive for the kids, but like some of the features on smartwatches. For example, the vívofit® jr. 3 from Garmin allows you to input your child’s emergency contact information into the ICE widget. Plus, kids are rewarded for being active, 60 minutes of daily activity unlock adventure, the more active minutes kids log, the more chances they’ll get to take pop quizzes, learn fitness moves and play tap challenge and matching games. And bonus, it has a battery that lasts for a year, so no need to remember to plug it in daily.

Micro Kickboard Scooter

micro scooter
Photo micro kickboard website

Microkickboard scooters are my favorite scooters! We own two for the kids and one for myself! They have scooters for all ages and levels, and kids are able to adjust the scooter as they grow. They are durable, easy to use I’m really digging the new ones with motion-activated light-up LED wheels.

If you have older kids on your list, be sure and check out our Teens & Tweens holiday gift guide. And, coming soon, our gift guides for grown ups.

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