What You Need To Know DeSoto Works! Job Fair Coming April 21


DeSoto Works! Job Fair Details

The DeSoto Works! Job Fair, a mainstay for DeSoto’s job seekers for the past several years, is returning on April 21 with a new and improved virtual format. The City wanted to take a more in-depth look at this year’s DeSoto Works! Job Fair and asked a few of the key organizers to join in on the most recent broadcast of DeSoto: In-Depth to share the DeSoto Works! details.

Guests included Pastor Marcus King of Disciple Central Community Church (DC3), Vanessa Sterling, President of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce, and Steven Bridges of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas

Steven Bridges noted that Workforce Solutions handles job fairs throughout the Metroplex and that they are seeing an across-the-board demand for workers. Thus, there are more than enough jobs to go around. In fact, he said that there is a worker shortage.

Bridges felt that the current virtual format, adopted last year due to pandemic related health considerations, will make it much easier for job fair participants to find work. “When the Pandemic first hit, we had to find a way to service our employers and our job seekers remotely so we think that this virtual aspect is just going to be a great benefit to them, and they’ve even improved on it through the years.”

The DeSoto: In-Depth broadcast was conducted as a Zoom meeting to accommodate several guests at different locations. During the broadcast, Steven Bridges shared his screen to give viewers a preview of what they’ll see when they tune in for the DeSoto Works! Job Fair on April 21.

Bridges observed that the virtual fair will make participants feel like they are there in person, “It’s really cool because when they log in, balloons will be flying, the flags will be waving, people will be walking around talking to each other on there so it is basically a virtual job fair. Then they’ll scroll down and they can actually go into a hallway that has a host of employers. Each of the employers will have their own booth and office. They can click on that, review the jobs that they might be interested in, then click to chat with the employer.”

Pastor Marcus King, who has previously hosted in-person job fairs at his DC3 Church, said during the broadcast that he has been talking to many church and community members about what they’ll be looking for at the fair. “Many of them are looking for their first job, or they are just trying to transition to a new career.

Many businesses have shifted so many are looking for a different type of job, and when we look at all of these things and the conversations that they’re having they want more income, some have going back to school, some are just looking to diversify their portfolio in many ways, so there are a lot of people looking for jobs.”

DeSoto is also a Veteran friendly city, and while the job fair is open to all residents seeking employment, Veterans will be pleased to learn that they will be given a preference because of all that they have done for DeSoto and the nation.

The conversation also addressed DeSoto’s Fair Chance Employment Policy that took effect in DeSoto on January 1, 2022. It is designed to prevent discrimination against, and the outright rejection of, workers who have been involved in the justice system but who have already paid their debts to society. DeSoto recognizes that these are potentially valuable workers who can contribute to the betterment of our community if given the chance. You can view this week’s DeSoto: In-Depth Program on-demand on our Facebook Page at https://bit.ly/37siANy. You can also register for the DeSoto Works! Jobs Fair via Eventbrite at https://bit.ly/3KoRNAm.