The Open Texas Rally, Week Two In Ellis County

TJ Fabby
This week's Open Texas Rally in Ellis County Photo by Paul Perry

Ellis County Group Rallies To Open Texas

WAXAHACHIE – A group of Ellis County residents are talking about having a Open Texas rally every week.

TJ Fabby, one of the organizers of the “Rally to Open Texas!” said “We’re not going to stop.”

There was another rally Tuesday, an hour before the Commissioners Court met.

“Like so many Texans before us, we just want to live free,” Fabby added.

Fabby explained one of the reasons he is part of the group rallying at the courthouse. He said because while in the beginning, the vast majority were concerned and taking precautions, “some of us recognized the heavy hand of government, the massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the ruling class, the devastating effects on our economy, and, most importantly, the assault on our God-given natural rights that was being orchestrated before our eyes as the masses begged for more government intervention,” he explained.

Fabby said he and his fellow supporters are concerned. They feel like some organizations, like the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, seem to be setting the agenda.

“We weren’t certain what the effects of the virus would be, but, unlike most folks, we could see the other bigger threats on the horizon,” he said.

The Rally to Open Texas folks said they believe as more information comes out about COVID-19, more Texans are realizing that “we have been manipulated into giving up our rights and destroying our economy for a virus that, if you look at the actual death rate even with the padded numbers, doesn’t come close to warranting this reaction we are experiencing, now.”

Small Businesses In Ellis County Feel Impact Of Shut Down

He said he and his colleagues are concerned about the small businesses in Ellis County. The negative impacts have led some to permanently close.

Ellis County Judge Todd Little said in reaction to the Open Texas Rally gatherings, he believes residents have a right to show and state how they feel about the current pandemic.

Judge Little went on to state he would not be adding any additional Orders to the one Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued to begin the re-opening of Texas in phases.

Governor Abbott’s Order went into effect May 1, 2020.

Fabby added he and his colleagues are “Fed up with Governors and County Judges who campaign saying they will protect individual liberty and keep government limited but then turn their backs on those principles as they cower in fear and cave to political pressure.”

Overall, Governor Abbott has provided a three-phase plan to safely and carefully reopen Texas’ economy.

Judge Little concluded “The first priority of the plan is to protect the most vulnerable population, principally those individuals 65 and over and those with underlying conditions. A further priority is to continue robust testing and contact tracing across the State of Texas.”