Tarrant County Judge Orders No In Person Worship Services

Tarrant County COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Cases in Tarrant County Continue To Rise

Tarrant County reports 71 new COVID-19 cases for a total of 588 cases. On the positive side, the Health Department reports 53 people have recovered from the virus. The county reports 19 deaths from COVID-19. A Euless man in his 30s is the 19th death related to the COVID-19 virus in Tarrant County, the health department confirmed Wednesday morning.

The man, who was not named due to patient privacy laws, had underlying health issues, according to a news release by Tarrant County Public Health.

“It’s unfortunate for our community to see the death toll rising from COVID-19,” said Vinny Taneja, Tarrant County Public Health Director. “These are difficult times for the families and friends of those we have lost to this disease. Our hearts go out to them.”

Yesterday Taneja said,”Based on all the reports we are seeing, we could very well be about to see a spike in COVID-19 activity in our county. Although it is difficult to predict, we must do everything we can to prepare ourselves for what may be ahead. Early indications are that we could be looking at significant numbers of positive cases and many more deaths.”

And today, Judge Glen Whitley released a video ordering “no in person worship services” in Tarrant County through April 30, 2020.

One of the comments on the video states, “This is a complete overreach by the government on the First Amendment of the US Constitution. It certainly can be suggested , but not ordered. I believe almost all churches would comply with the suggestion. Remember this Judge!! I’ll be going to church Sunday just to defy his order. If he would have suggested I would have stayed home.”

They weren’t the only person to suggest they’ll be attending church on Easter Sunday mainly to defy the Judge’s order.