State Representative Carl O. Sherman Discusses Importance Of Body Cameras For All on Thursday

Carl Sherman headshot
Carl Sherman headshot

AUSTIN, TEXAS – State Representative Carl O. Sherman to host a press conference on Thursday, March 30, 2023 to magnify the importance of House Bill 1524, “Body Cameras for All,” at the Texas State Capitol. The event will take place in the Speaker’s Committee Room at the State Capitol in Austin at 8:00 AM.

This bill will require the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to adopt a policy for the use of body worn cameras by correctional officers at facilities operated by or under contract with the agency.

Body Cameras for All is intended to support the following:

● Creates an unbiased eye

● Reduces staff time to investigate claims of abuse, especially in the wake of the staffing crisis

● Increases safety and security of those working in correctional facilities and the incarcerated

The purpose of this legislation is to require greater safety, transparency, and accountability within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. HB 1524 Body Cams for All creates a policy that requires each correctional officer be equipped with a body worn camera during their shift and duties at all times.

During the joint County Affairs and Corrections committee hearing in the interim, Representative Sherman commented, “I know the men and women of TDCJ take this personally. I am encouraged by the movement to have cameras on buses. But last Session, I fought hard to get body cams for all correctional officers. We were successful to get $54 million for a rider, but funds were allocated to other areas of concern. I can’t stress enough the importance of having body cams. The public and the public safety community of professionals know there is needed improvement in establishing systemic accountability..”

We look forward to having you present when Representative Sherman makes this important announcement introducing House Bill 1524, a bill that will create a safer and more transparent and accountable environment for both those working in correctional facilities and the 125,000 Texans held in our custody.