Pickleball Paradise Is A Dream That Happened By Accident

Michelle Cornish
Photo by Hadley Cornish

Midlothian Welcomes Pickleball Paradise

Sometimes the worst of moments can lead to the biggest of dreams.

When Michelle Cornish was in an automobile accident a while back it broke her arm, wrist and fingers on her dominant side. For a tennis teaching professional, coach and program director that was devastating.

You could say her career was in quite a pickle. A problem then, not so much now as she found a new love and has turned it into her new profession as owner of Pickleball Paradise TX in Midlothian.

The venue opened in early May. Not only does it spotlight arguably the fastest growing sport in America, it brings people and families together – something that prompted Michelle to open the business.

“The momentum and popularity of pickleball is, quite honestly, growing each and every day. Over the last five or six years it has grown immensely, but the last few years it has been insane on how much growth the ‘new’ sport has had, especially with the younger players,” she said. “Pickleball has been around for many decades, but has really taken off with how many people have not only picked up the game, but also that are dedicating many hours per week to play and practice.”

Boutique Pickleball Club With Four Regulation Sized Courts

Pickleball Paradise TX is located at 6260 Honeysuckle Rd. It is branded as a “boutique/unique” Pickleball club. It features four regulation-sized courts. Pickleball Paradise TX is also an exclusive distributor of the brand of Babolat for pickleball and tennis products and equipment. In addition, they offer the purchase of a variety of water bottles, sports drinks, protein and energy bars and other items that will contribute to a successful day on the courts.

Don’t have your own equipment? Don’t worry. Pickleball Paradise TX will have a Babolat line of paddles available to rent, along with pickleballs.

All ages are welcome to play, but they ask that children under the age of 16 be accompanied by their parents, unless participating in a registered class, clinic or lesson.

As for leagues and tournaments?

“Absolutely!” Cornish exclaimed. “We hope to form a variety of levels for leagues, and will definitely plan on hosting small tournaments and events.”

There will be a limited number of memberships available, which will allow members to reserve courts up to seven days in advance. Same day bookings are also available for non-members, along with opportunities for members and non-members to rent all four courts for special events.

Pickleball Court Midlothian
Photo by Hadley Cornish

‘Pickleball Levels The Playing Field’

All players must be registered to play, whether they are members or not, Cornish said.
Cornish recalls what drew her to the sport, and is counting on that same attraction to make her business a success.

“I am now very much in love with pickleball. I have lived and breathed the sport of tennis for most of my life, and will love tennis forever. That being said, I feel that pickleball ‘levels the playing field’ for all levels to enjoy playing together a lot easier than tennis ever can,” she said. “The excitement and passion around pickleball is addictive and is encouraging, as it is a sport that not only is very social and fun, but also a great way to contribute to better health and fitness in ones life.”

“The vision of Pickleball Paradise TX is that people in the area and outside the immediate area can participate in a fun sport that can not only improve overall healthy lifestyles, but also can give the opportunity to enjoy an activity as a community as a whole.”


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