Off Duty Arlington Police Officer Robbed & Pistol Whipped

white sedan
Photo by Arlington Police Department

UPDATE Arlington Suspects Apprehended

We received notification from Dallas P.D. that their officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect car at a convenience store. DPD Officers found our Officer’s police identification in the suspect car and the vehicle was determined to be stolen. Four of the juvenile suspects have been arrested and will be referred to the Tarrant County Juvenile Court. A weapon was also found.

“The information we have right now leads us to believe this was a crime of opportunity and the officer was not targeted based upon his affiliation with law enforcement,” said Chief of Police Al Jones. “Regardless, this armed robbery could have happened to anyone in our community so we are asking the public’s assistance in identifying those involved. We are grateful for our colleagues in Dallas who made a traffic stop and detained the teenagers implicated in this offense.”

Report # 2021-00270091

Arlington press release

Arlington Police Search For Suspects In Robbery of Arlington Police Officer

Arlington Police Department needs your help identifying a white four door passenger sedan with a paper tag.

Around 7:30 am today, one of our patrol officers had just got off work and went to the QT at Division and Collins to fill up his car with gas. This white 4-door passenger sedan, possibly a Mitsubishi Lancer or similar-style car, parked next to him. It was occupied by four males.

Three of the suspects exited the car and walked over to the officer and began to assault him and rob him. One of the suspects struck the officer multiple times with a pistol on top of the head. The officer was wearing a civilian jacket so the suspects did not realize he was an Arlington officer. Even though the officer was armed, he made the individual decision to not engage multiple suspects and decided to comply with the robbery. The suspects took his wallet and phone.

All four suspects are described as black males, possibly teens or early 20s. Once Arlington Police obtain the surveillance video, they will release it.

Anyone With Information Please Contact Arlington Police

The officer did not go to the hospital and is going to be okay. Please share far and wide with your network of family and friends. Anyone with information is asked to contact Arlington Police Department or 9-1-1.

Although the Office was armed with an off-duty weapon, he felt like he was outnumbered and made the decision not to engage. Arlington Police said the Quick Trip is probably one of the busiest QTs in Arlington, and a robbery at this time of the morning is a little unusual. Police feel like it was a crime of opportunity, but also feel like the suspects have ‘done this before’.