Mansfield Police Investigate 287 Crash Into Gas Pipeline

flames from gas pipeline fire
Photo shared on FDN Facebook by Key Strickland-This is at the church right where 360 ends on 287. Probably a couple 100 yards from where it’s at. It looks to be at the gas wells that is right next to the 7-11

The explosion around 1 a.m.,  woke up residents in Mansfield and surrounding areas and flames could be seen for miles and miles. In Midlothian the amber sky could be seen, and from a 287 overpass you could see the flare from the gas well, shooting into the night sky. One reader described the roaring noise as ‘incredibly loud’ with another describing the shooting flames as a “dragon spitting fire”.

Mansfield Police and other agencies jumped into action doing what they do best, responding to danger with efficiency and professionalism. Around 2 am Officers worked together to rouse sleeping residents and calm those awake as they evacuated surrounding subdivisions within a 1 mile radius.

At approximately 3:35 am the fire was extinguished and Atmos had shut the gas line off. By 4 am all residents that were evacuated were given the all clear to return home, although parts of 287 and 360 remained closed.


On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at 01:07 a.m., the Mansfield Police Department received a call from Grand Prairie Dispatch about a wrong way driver traveling at a high rate of speed southbound in the northbound lanes of Highway 360 at Ragland Road. Moments later, the vehicle was captured on the North Texas Tollway Authority camera system, which alerted a Texas DPS Trooper assigned to Highway 360.

The vehicle continued to drive the wrong way and left the roadway as the driver approached the U.S. 287 southbound service road and collided with a natural gas pipeline which was located approximately 125 feet off the roadway.

exxon gas station in Mansfield
Photo after last night’s fire of Exxon on 287 & 360 by Deanna Rust

This impact caused a large fire at the gas pipeline.

The driver was transported via a helicopter to Parkland Hospital with significant burn injuries. Charges are pending based upon the outcome of the investigation. Investigators believe that speed and failure to drive in the correct lane played a contributing factor in this crash.

We would like to thank everyone for their assistance from earlier this morning. The overwhelming support and teamwork was greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to the Somerset Community for your patience and understanding. #Teamwork #ThankYou

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