Mansfield ISD Experiencing Cyber Attack, Phones & Internet Down

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Phones, Internet, Skyward, Raptor At Mansfield ISD Are Down

Today was the Mondayest of all Mondays at Mansfield ISD as their first full week began with Mother Nature’s record breaking downpours and a cyberattack that impacted everything from the district’s phones, to Skyward, RAPTOR and more.

So, if you were trying to contact your child’s campus or register your child in Mansfield ISD with the outage, neither was possible. Immediately after discovering the issue Mansfield ISD notified the appropriate authorities, but as of now the issue is still unresolved. The district is working closely with investigators to determine the source of the disruption. They also continue to examine the impact of the attack. Unfortunately, at this time there’s no estimate as to when the system will be securely and fully restored.

While this will not disrupt learning, it does prevent visitors or volunteers from being on campus. Safety is a priority and Mansfield ISD asks for patience as they work to bring Raptor back online.

The district says they aren’t sure what data has been compromised or the full scope of the attack, but will provide additional information as it becomes available.

In case of a student emergency parents will be contacted via staff cell phones. If you have an emergency and need to pick up your child or contact the school, you’ll have to come to the campus. Mansfield ISD stated they will update parents, staff and community members via the messaging system and social media channels.