Manna House Offers Contactless Food Delivery Service To Seniors

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Helping The Elderly Through COVID-19 & Beyond

MIDLOTHIAN, TX (May 27, 2020) – Although many businesses and industries in the state of Texas are beginning to open their doors again, COVID-19 remains a threat to our elderly population. Manna House is working to ensure that our seniors stay safe and healthy. They are offering contactless food delivery services on a bi-weekly basis for those who do not feel safe going to a grocery store or running errands. To learn more, or to schedule a grocery run and delivery, please dial 972-775-1800 and a member of our team can assist you.

Just last week, an elderly local Midlothian couple used the grocery delivery service and had a wonderful experience. They found Manna House after searching for assistance online. Since they don’t drive and their family is unable to bring them food, they turned to Manna House as a last option. They were so pleased and thankful for the assistance, saying they “wouldn’t know what we would’ve done if it hadn’t been for Manna House.”

Norma Belcher, Director of Client Relations at Manna House, encourages anybody who is looking for assistance to reach out. “If you find yourself in need, and don’t have the ability to meet that need, call us. We will gather all the essentials you may need, whether it’s fresh produce, eggs, dairy, meat, bottled water, and yes, even toilet paper. We will deliver right to your door. We strive to be the link to bridge that gap that so many people are facing.”

They Also Provide Face Masks

In addition to providing groceries and essential toiletry items, Manna House can also deliver face masks, even if it’s just for a walk around the neighborhood. For those fortunate enough to assist, Manna House is accepting donations. You can make monetary contributions or donate food pantry items.

Please visit to learn more or to donate. With the buying power of Manna House through the North Texas Food Bank, you can feed a family of four for one month for just $48.

Founded in 1992, Manna House gives families a helping hand, empowering them to rise above the immediate crisis with a sense of dignity. Manna House is dedicated to serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of people in crisis. We strive to bring hope, encouragement, and stability as we build a stronger, healthier community. Each year, Manna donates 10,000 meals to families in need. In addition, they help 650 families with utility bills to keep the power on, and assist families with prescription medication costs.