North Texas Food Bank Returns to Fair Park

North Texas Food Bank distribution

North Texas Food Bank (NTFB), along with the Texas National Guard, Fair Park First, Spectra, and In the City for Good, returns to Fair Park April 16. They will distribute free food from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m., or until all available food has been distributed.

No one should start lining up before 8:15 a.m. Vehicles for the Food Pantry event are not allowed to enter the Fair Park grounds before 8:15 a.m. The pick-up location is in Lots 5A and 6A, located in between Robert B Cullum Boulevard and 2nd Avenue inside Fair Park. Participants should enter through Gate 5 only, located at the intersection of Robert B Cullum Boulevard and Grand Avenue. The Dallas Police Department will be onsite to assist with traffic flow.

North Texas Food Bank Distribution Procedures

The NTFB and the Texas National Guard will distribute USDA products using the following steps and procedures.

North Texas Food Bank returns to Fair Park

Cars Queue – In order to practice strict social distancing, the NTFB Disaster Relief Mobile Pantries for COVID-19 serves drive-through clients only, and is unable to accommodate walk-up clients. Individuals requiring food assistance who cannot access a car should use the “Find Food” tool on to find additional resources.

Intake Form Distribution – NTFB will give vehicles a golf pencil and an intake form through their window. Guests should only crack their windows to receive the pencil and paper forms and fill it out prior to getting to the front of the line. Once complete, the form should be placed, face-up, on the vehicle dashboard. Intake forms collect information required for the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), including name, address, monthly income, and household size.

Please note, if you are picking up for another family or elderly person, please bring their ID or a utility bill.

Intake Form Photo – When vehicles reach the distribution point, NTFB/Texas National Guard will take a photo of the intake form through the vehicle’s windows. Windows should remain closed to comply with social distancing requirements.

Distribution Based on Household Size

Box Allocation Determination – Based on the household size, NTFB will determine how many boxes of food the vehicle should receive.

Food Distribution – Boxed food is placed in the trunk of the vehicle. If the trunk does not open, NTFB/Texas National Guard will place the food on hood, roof, or trunk of the car and ask the guest to drive forward and transfer the boxes to their trunk.

The Dallas County shelter-in-place order allows residents to leave their homes to obtain food. All shelter-in-place guidelines are being followed. Safety precautions have been established to limit any physical interaction with the NTFB/Texas National Guard. Visit for information on other NTFB Disaster Relief Mobile Pantry events.