Legal Notice: City of Duncanville Sign Control Board Public Hearing March 10


The City of Duncanville Sign Control Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 7:00 PM, to consider the requests of: Michael Gary of Giant Sign representing Automann located at 1250 N. Duncanville Rd., Duncanville, TX. Mr. Gary is requesting a variance to the Sign Ordinance: A Monument Sign. Section 16A-31 (f) Maximum number: One per street frontage. Exception: (1) Directory, one per entrance. (2) Menu board, two per drive-thru window. It has been determined that this Monument sign cannot be considered a Directory sign. Directory sign. A sign used for listing the occupants within shopping centers, industrial sites, retail districts, office districts and commercial sites. This is a request for a second Monument sign to be allowed.

One monument sign has been approved for this location. As an interested party, you may send notice to the Sign Control Board, City of Duncanville 203 E Wheatland Rd. Duncanville TX 75116, stating your position regarding this request.


City of Duncanville
Randy Goucher, CBO
Building Official