Lancaster Police Department Promotes Fitness In Policing

Lancaster Police Department Fitness
Lancaster Police Officer Colleen Weber Takes Part in the Spartan Competition

Lancaster Police Department Flexes Its Muscle

The days of the out-of-shape donut cops are over, at least that’s the case in the City of Lancaster. Lancaster Police Chief Sam Urbanski said he is proud of what his department is doing to stay in shape.

Police Officer Colleen Weber recently took her fitness regime to the next level when she entered the Spartan Races.

“Most police departments are focusing on healthier, more fit officers these days,” Urbanski explained. “At least that’s the mindset of the Lancaster Police Department.”

For years the Lancaster Police Department has held a fitness standard for entry level recruits. However, Urbanski said once the officer was hired, there wasn’t criteria or incentives to stay fit and healthy.

“There’s nothing more embarrassing than hearing new recruits talking about how senior officers couldn’t pass the fitness test they are required to take,” Urbanski added.

Then in October 2018, thanks to a strong-willed detective, that changed.

Shaping Up The Department

“Last year the Lancaster Police Department implemented a mandatory annual fitness assessment,” Urbanski said. “All sworn personnel, including the chief, must pass the same fitness test given to new recruits.”

Weber took her training a step farther, competing in The Spartan and taking first out of 1,253 women in the challenge in North Lake Tahoe in September. Athletes from more than 30 countries compete in the competition at the National Series Events and Regional Championships across the globe in hopes of qualifying for the course.

The Spartan is a modern-day race that gives competitors a taste of what Spartan Warriors went through in their training. The Spartan is 14 miles of obstacles including walls, mud pits, object carries, tire flips, spear throwing and rope obstacles.

“It is the global leader in obstacle course racing for a reason – we will challenge you to push beyond your limits,” according to The website.

Urbanski said Weber is just one of his many officers taking the next step in fitness in policing. The entire Lancaster Police Department has successfully completed the second year of the testing with high mark. Furthermore, they’ve had no failures. The Lancaster department test mirrors the Texas DPS and continues to be monitored and held to Texas DPA standards.

“The Lancaster Police Department is training harder to become more fit and healthy so we can provide better service to our citizens,” Urbanski concluded.