A very lucky few got a few drops of rain last night…but the dry, hot weather continues.

Mid 100’s and breezy winds continue the rest of the week. Elevated to Dangerous fire conditions continue as well, though higher humidity should somewhat help reduce the likelihood of new fires starting. That said, any fire that does start will easily and quickly spread. So, be smart and don’t flick your cigarettes out of the window or direct your sparks toward brush. If you see something, say something. We all need to work together to keep everyone safe. Excessive Heat Warnings and Red Flag warnings continue today as well.

There is SOME good news to share. Another cold front moves into our area Monday/Tuesday, which should bring temps down for a day or two. While this isn’t a major pattern shift, it’s a good sign to see more fronts starting to make their way into our area. The cooler air is getting progressively more successful in making it here, so that tells me that we’re getting closer and closer to more permanent pattern shifts. Couple that with El Niño, which is expected to pull the jet stream southward, and it’s only a matter of time before we see more significant changes. Hang in there!