Duncanville City Council Approves Frontage Road Work


DUNCANVILLE—Duncanville City Council members approved a resolution last week supporting construction of the eastbound and westbound I-20 frontage roads from North Main Street to Camp Wisdom Road.

Council Member Johnette Jameson, was the only opposition in a 6 – 1 vote.

TxDOT Public Information Officer Michelle Raglon said Duncanville citizens favored the project.

“TxDOT has worked with the City of Duncanville for some time now to advance this improvement project.” Raglon said. “Additionally, there has been effective public involvement through outreach meetings, public meetings and a public hearing.”

The project includes the construction of a new concrete-paved eastbound frontage road between Oriole Blvd. and East Camp Wisdom Road. As well as a westbound frontage road between North Main Street and Oriole Blvd.

According to staff drawings, the eastbound entrance ramp from N. Main to I-20 would also be reconstructed at its current location. The new eastbound frontage road would extend the existing frontage road beyond Oriole to E. Camp Wisdom. The intersection at E. Camp Wisdom and the eastbound frontage road would be signalized.

The new westbound frontage road would be reconstructed at its current location as well but, would extend beyond Oriole Blvd. The existing access from the westbound frontage road to Winding Trail would be reconstructed to align with the new frontage road. The existing access from the westbound exit ramp to Thrush would be removed.

Potential Duncanville Residential Benefits

Each frontage road would consist of one 12-foot wide inside travel lane and one 14-foot wide outside shared-use lane (for bicycle accommodation) with curb and gutter. A six-foot sidewalk would be located along the outer lanes of both roads.

There are no residential or commercial displacements as a result of the project. City Council notes did indicate that existing homes on the north side of the I-20 corridor could benefit by the installation of potential sound walls and sidewalks for pedestrians.

“The proposed project will bring improved access, a safer commute and congestion relief in a growing area in need of this improvement,” Raglon concluded. “This type of project often is a catalyst for enhanced economic development opportunities. In addition, the air quality may improve with this better flow of traffic.”

Moving forward, Raglon said TxDOT will work with the city on a schedule for this project once it receives final environmental clearance.

The cost is approximately $5.01 million and is expected to begin in 2019 with completion in 2021.