DeSoto Walk Club Looks To Transform Themselves & The Community

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Forming A Bond Through Exercise

It has been said that fitness and unity go hand-in-hand. After all, there is strength – and support – in numbers.

Cassandra Green and the newly formed DeSoto Walk Club are out to prove that old adage to be true. Green started the club on March 15 with two main goals in mind, losing weight and bonding among her fellow female residents.

“The goal of forming this club was to bring our community together through the ladies of our community. It allows us to not only become healthier, but it allows us to bond and get to know each other,” Green said.

Green is also hoping that a collection of positive thinkers can have a similar effect on her beloved city, she said.

“Our community is under attack with the recent crimes, so we must bring back the positive,” she said. “This club helps to bring the women of the community together. When you bond the women, it leads to bonding of the men and children. And together we can work as a community.”

Green, who is 51 years old, said club members range in age from 30 to 72. There is no age requirement, only to try and feel as young as possible through walking.

DWC started out with just Green, but has grown to over 50 members, she said. The club meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7 at Disciple Central Community Church, 901 N. Polk St., or DeSoto East Middle School, 601 E. Beltline Rd. Green posts an event on DeSoto Talk and on the club group chat on Facebook Messenger every Monday detailing at which location they will be.

They typically walk for about one or two hours.

“We do trail walks and track fields. We are currently doing a weight loss competition for three months,” Green said. “We have 25 women who have joined up to the challenge.”

Green said each member put $20 in a pot and the lady who loses the most weight will win.

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Helping The Community With Walks

Green said the club also plans to use their walks to help the community. For example, they have a walk for fibromyalgia awareness scheduled for Thursday, May 12 at 6 p.m.

“We are a fairly new group, so we’re still in the process of creating for the year,” Green said.

“We will also use our walking energy to help within our community, raising money for our schools, cleaning up the highways and neighborhoods, and helping the elderly in our city.”

There is no cost to join the DWC. It’s as simple as showing up and going on their next walk. Or, you can send Green a message on DeSoto Talk or to her personal messenger via Facebook. The club also has its own Facebook page.

“We want to make a difference within our community,” Green said. “We have many things planned, just a walk away.


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