DeSoto City Council Votes Yes on Water Distribution Master Plan

DeSoto Water tower
DeSoto water tower Photo by Kristin Barclay

Water Distribution Master Plan for DeSoto Passes

DESOTO – Earlier this week the DeSoto City Council voted yes on a Water Distribution Master Plan that will take the city into the next 25 years.

At the end of the presentation before council voted unanimously to accept, DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor reminded residents, “Council is looking at solutions to offset any costs for the capital project related to this distribution plan.”

The water master plan could include a rate increase, but in the long term it looks at the needs for the future in the city of DeSoto. Also considering a look at the long-term investments of the city’s asset management.

The idea it was noted is to “get in front of repairs to control costs” and council agreed.

Currently in the City of DeSoto there are 54,000 served in the system; 1000 customer connections; 22 square miles; 200 miles of water main; two pump stations; one booster station, which is a pressure tank; three elevated tanks and three ground storage tanks with approximately 1 million gallons. The idea for expansion will look at doubling that amount of water in gallons.

It was pointed out that the water system was tested during the area’s last cold weather event as to whether the current system could handle it and the city confirmed it can take the load, while also preparing for the future.

The project as presented was a look at the data collection, field investigation, water distribution model and various technical memos. It considered a five-year look as well as the 27 projects planned over the next 20-plus years.

Overall, it was said the purpose of the Water Distribution Master Plan is to create a framework to allow the city to know where it is going and where it is now in order to assure the city’s water infrastructure will continue to meet current and future water needs while also providing safe drinking water as well as adequate water flow and pressure to meet normal and peak demands.

House Bill 4072 (HB 4072)

Council voted yes to send a letter of opposition regarding House Bill 4072 regarding the amount of sales tax a city can collect. It was pointed out that overall the city relies on tax for economic development agreements that allow the city to repay those over time. This House Bill if passed would take away money from the city of DeSoto.

“If the city council is okay with me going ahead and officially saying we are opposed to it then I can contact our legislatures and let them know – that allows us to get more engaged in the process,” DeSoto City Manager Brandon Wright said.

Police Week & Peace Officers Memorial Day

DeSoto Police
Photo courtesy DeSoto Police Department

The City Council recognized Police Week and Peace Officers Memorial Day with Place 4 Councilmember Andre’ Byrd reading the proclamation.

Byrd presented the proclamation to DeSoto Police Chief Joe Costa.

May 15 of each year is Peace Officer’s Memorial Day and the entirety of the week is named Police Week.

The proclamation states “This is to pay tribute for all those men and women who have lost their lives protecting us and we honor all those who wear the badge and keep the peace and the valor and distinction they stand with.”

It was noted that over 23,324 US Law Enforcement officers have “made the ultimate sacrifice” with one death every 57 hours somewhere in the United States in the performance of their duty. In 2020 law enforcement officer fatalities did drop 150% from 2019.

Chief Costa thanked the council and invited all to the May 12 Memorial Celebration at 9 a.m. at the DeSoto Police Station.

“I appreciate all your support,” Costa concluded.