Cedar Hill’s Billy Clark Is Challenging Clay Jenkins

Billy Clark on patio with other people

‘Together we fight, Together we win’

CEDAR HILL – The City of Cedar Hill is no stranger to residents who are seeking political seats to work toward positive change in Dallas County.

The latest resident to decide to put his name on the ballot is attorney Billy Clark.

Clark is running for a seat now held by current Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins for the Dallas County Judge in March’s primary next year. *FDN has reached out to Jenkin’s office to also interview him for the upcoming election as well

He says he brings a strong desire to win the election and a desire “to impact change right here in our County.”

The US Air Force veteran originally from Waco, Texas kicked off his election run last week with a campaign party.

“Our Campaign kickoff event’s theme was ‘Together we FIGHT, together we WIN’.  This event was a complete success.  We are running a grassroots campaign designed to bring together everyone in Dallas County.  This campaign event has given us the start we have planned for.  I’m thankful that so many citizens came out to support and to further encourage us to continue our focus.  Dallas County Will truly WIN by us fighting together.”

Proactive Not Reactive

Clark said early on he is interested in bringing a type of leadership style to Dallas County that it needs – proactive and not reactive.

His decision to run, he said, comes from the fact that “for too long Dallas has been a county that takes extra efforts to serve the elite.  I’ve witnessed those in the middle-or-lower-class have often been overlooked.”

Clark added his belief is that the Dallas County type of separatist mindset has severely impacted the overall health of the county.

“Our county is made up of over 2.8 million citizens, in the entire history of Dallas County, we have never had a person of color elected as the County Judge.  I’m running to make a positive change that will serve all of Dallas County.”

Fair And Consistent Criminal Justice

The candidate believes there is a need for more effective leadership from the top. This requires working together with the commissioners to have a more synergistic effect aimed at empowering the entire county.

“I’m an attorney that practices mostly in issues that deal with people directly (Criminal Defense and Civil Rights law),” Clark added. “I know how our criminal justice system benefits others while being a suppressive institution to others. I plan to work seamlessly with our DA to ensure that the criminal justice system in Dallas County is fair and consistent while still focused on the protection of our citizens.”

Other areas Clark believes could use some help include economic growth and development. He says those are vitally important to strengthening the community.

‘Emergency Management Plan Needs Complete Overhaul’

“I plan to work with business leaders to ensure that Dallas County is growing economically stronger in all areas of the county–not just the areas that have significant wealth,” he added. “Furthermore, our Emergency Management Plan simply needs a complete overhaul.  I served our country as a field grade officer in the U.S. Air Force.  One of the things that I have learned over the decades is that thoroughly planning and being proactive often fairs better during a contingency than being mostly reactive in nature.  Our county is in desperate need of proactive leadership…proactive leadership, that’s a leadership principle that I have developed over the years and have been very successful in.  I will bring that leadership to the office of Dallas County Judge.”

As he kicked off his campaign last week, Clark said that over the next few weeks, he will continue to take his message on the road throughout Dallas County.

Billy Clark talks with people

“The goal is for citizens of Dallas County to know that positive change is on the way and to prepare for quality change that will directly benefit you,” he concluded.