Cedar Hill High School Welding Creates Go Kart

Go Kart

Cedar Hill Students Build A Go Kart From Scratch

(CEDAR HILL, TEXAS) Cedar Hill High School Welding scholars Anthony Cavazos and Audrick Vega, along with their instructor, Donald Wilbert, participate in a sponsored project.


The scholars participated in building a Go-Kart from scratch using the materials donated to them by Justin Schaefer of Centralized Production, a Cedar Hill-based business.


This project has been in the works for two months, with the crew starting on the project in early December. However, the job has taken longer than expected due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


“With only two scholars in this class that has been coming consistently for only two hours a day, and sometimes they miss classes due to the pandemic,” Wilbert said.


Added junior Audrick Vega, “Actually we had to go on Christmas Break, so we had even less than that. About a month and a half.”


The scholars made the most of the time to create the Go-Kart.


“This class is supposed to be able to work hands on, due to this class being a practical class,” Wilbert said. “We had a vendor down the road that would have let them work but, due to COVID-19, we couldn’t do that anymore. So our other vendor, Centralized Production, donated the Go-Kart for us to build.”


The project will certainly have CHISD’s stamp on it.


“ It’s going to have a cage, with the Centralized Production somewhere, and of course it’s going to have a Cedar Hill Longhorn on it,” Wilbert said. “Come March, the team plans to have the project finished and ready to drive.”