“American Justice” True Crime Documentary Examines Botham Jean Murder

Dennis Haysbert
Photo credit: Copyright: Johnny Marlow/A&E

Calling all of you true crime junkies that love to watch true crime documentaries and try to solve them from the comfort of your living room. A&E’s iconic true crime documentary series “American Justice” has two upcoming episodes set in and around Dallas, TX.


On Friday, May 13, “American Justice” explores the murder of Botham Jean by off-duty Dallas PD officer Amber Guyger. When Guyger shoots and kills Jean in his own apartment, she claims she acted in self-defense. Two independent investigative teams piece together the evidence from that fateful night, but they reach two different conclusions, and the case ignites a firestorm of controversy. Botham’s family, friends, and supporters from all over the country demand justice. At the trial, a team of dedicated prosecutors must try and convince the jury that this wasn’t self-defense – it was murder.


About “American Justice”

The pursuit of justice can be impacted by the smallest detail. Narrated by Dennis Haysbert (“24,” The Unit,” “Lucifer”), the newly reimagined and iconic “American Justice” explores recent compelling criminal cases, from those that made national headlines to gripping lesser-known cases, through the prism of our justice system. Driven by first-hand perspectives of loved ones, survivors, investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, jurors, and sometimes even the perpetrators, the series dives into significant crimes that reveal how our justice system works, and, sometimes, how it doesn’t. One of the original true crime documentary series, “American Justice” originally aired for 13 years on A&E.