Futile Roses Opens at Ochre House Theater

Futile Roses opens at Ochre house
Photo by Kevin Grammer

Ochre House Theater is presenting “Futile Roses” as part of its new In the Garden series of Original One-Act Plays. These plays are an exploration into peoples’ relationships with one another in times of crisis and misunderstandings, as well as in times of joy and celebration. Gardens are Ecosystems that are interdependent, much like human relationships, and can only grow when they have found balance.

Futile Roses or its Ukrainian title, Марні троянди–pronounced “Marni Troyandy” is written and directed by Kevin Grammer. Film direction is by Josh David Jordan in this latest show in Ochre House Theaters IN THE GARDEN series. A family strives to maintain their dignity and sanity while their city is being devastated by an invasion. They seek to find normalcy in a world turned upside down.

The drama features the voice of Ukrainian actor Denys Lyubimov, and runs April 20-23 and 27-30. Performances start at 8:15 p.m. Tickets to live performances of In The Garden Virtual/Live Theatre Series-Марні троянди (Futile Roses) at the Ochre House Theater, 825 Exposition Avenue in Dallas, are $15. Space is limited in the intimate, 50-seat auditorium, and Covid precautions remain in place. *This show contains flashing lights, as well as sounds and images of war*

“Futile Roses”

Written and directed by Kevin Grammer, “Futile Roses” features Carla Parker as Natasha, Brain Witkowicz as Sergei, Quinn Coffman as Kiki, and Denys Lyubimov as Pipe. Production crew members include set designer Matthew Posey; scenic art, Isaac Davies; sound design, Justin Locklear; light design; and photos and stage direction by Kevin Grammer. Film Direction by Josh David Jordan; production consultant Matthew Posey; camera operators Josh David Jordan, Juliann Jordan, and Chad Wyndham; and sound Codi Putnam.

For reservations or more information please call 214-826-6273 or visit ochrehousetheater.org. The taped version of the play will also stream live on the Ochre House Theater YouTube Channel at youtube.com/c/ochrehousetheater.

Ochre House staff members are Artistic Director Matthew Posey; Managing Director Carla Parker; Operations Manager Kevin Grammer; and Artist in Residence Justin Locklear.