Dallas City Council Unanimously Approves Renaming of Lamar Street to Botham Jean Blvd

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Botham Jean’s Life Inspired Representative Sherman

Lancaster, Texas – On January 13th, 2021 the Dallas City Council unanimously voted in approval of the renaming of a part of Lamar Street, to Botham Jean Boulevard. State Representative Carl O. Sherman, Sr. (D-109), along with other Texas Legislators, family members of Botham Jean and concerned citizens voiced their staunch support for the street name change, during the meeting.


Botham Jean, was a 26 year old accountant, who was killed by an off duty police officer, when she entered Jean’s apartment fatally shooting him. His death sparked peaceful protests around the world and his life inspired thousands to demand justice for Botham and to continue his work as an active community member.


In the meeting, Representative Sherman, spoke about how the life of Botham Jean inspired him personally, as well as his dedication to honoring Jean’s life this legislative session with the introduction of Bo’s Law, also titled as the Deadly Force Reform Bill. Representative Sherman recently sent out a letter addressing his support for the street name change, in which he recognized the incriminatingly racist history of Mirabeau B. Lamar, for whom the street was previously named.


Representative Carl Sherman celebrates this historic moment of the renaming of Lamar Street to Botham Jean Boulevard, with the Jean Family, The Botham Jean Foundation, and the citizens of Dallas, who all worked tirelessly to honor the life and legacy of Botham Jean

On a Zoom call with the Jean family, Representative Sherman said he prays they continue to have success in naming streets and in naming laws. He told the family their words were felt and suggested it’s what helped the vote be unanimous. Jean’s mother shared it’s a bittersweet feeling, because she’d prefer to have her son’s life back. Like any parent, she’d trade anything to have her son back.

With the name change Dallas Police Department’s new mailing address will be: 1400 Botham Jean Blvd, Dallas TX 75215.