Active Cases In Ellis County At All Time High, Deaths Also Rising

Ellis County COVID 19 Update

Ellis County Has 856 Active COVID Cases

This spring was relatively quiet in Ellis County as far as COVID-19 cases go, but things have changed and cases are rapidly rising. Today, the DSHS report shows Ellis County with an all time high for active cases with 856 active COVID-19 cases reported.

As the county has seen an increase in hospitalizations, deaths are also rising with a total of 137 COVID-19 deaths in Ellis County. For perspective, on Wednesday there were 128 deaths reported, so that’s an increase of nine deaths in two deaths.

Ellis County states they aren’t providing a breakdown of cases by city due to what they are calling “unreliable data from the THT report”. Therefore, we’re unable to show a breakdown of active cases by city. Also, the hospital report shows it was updated today at 3:35 but says 21 of 21 ICU beds are occupied-however, it then says 12 of the 24 are COVID-19 patients. The report reflect a total of 73 patients in Ellis County hospitalized with COVID-19.

Today was the first day of the state’s new reporting system. DSHS is adding case counts for probable cases statewide and by county. Probable cases are those identified through antigen testing or a combination of symptoms and a known exposure without a more likely diagnosis. Reporting probable cases allows Texans to see a more complete picture of how COVID-19 is affecting Texas since both confirmed and probable cases represent active infections. For that reason, they will be included in the estimates of active and recovered cases.

“These dashboard refinements are part of our effort to continually improve our insight and response to the ongoing pandemic,” said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS commissioner.