2022 RAM 2500 – A Heavy Duty I Love to Handle

Photo courtesy of Stellantis North America.

A Week With The 2022 Ram 2500

There have been times when a RAM heavy duty is delivered I worry that I will need a step ladder to enter and exit the big truck. Not so with the RAM 2500 Crew Cab 4×4 I recently had the pleasure of spending a week testing. This model had running boards which made my life much easier than models not so equipped. Yes, I know the reason some models have no running boards – the lack thereof makes them very conducive to travel off-road in places where civilized people might not want to venture.

I admit to loving to drive off-road, but being a tad vertically challenged, the ingress and egress does become somewhat difficult in some of the models created for travels across hill and dale with no running boards. The logic for no running boards is very reasonable. Obstacles in forests, on mountain “paths” and places so remote no paths exist make a high ground clearance essential.

My test model not only had running boards, but also grab handles so I smiled immensely when I grabbed the door handle and saw them as well as the door handles. The pleasure did not end there.

Once settled into the drivers seat, the ultra-modern dash and controls lit up my life with every piece of information easily visible and easy to engage. As I have often said, vehicles that require three-credit college courses to operate do not rank high on my wish list. The 2022 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty 4×4 was so intuitive, I found it exceptionally easy to use.

Photo courtesy Stellantis North America.

The delight doesn’t end in the driveway. On the road, this truck handles like a sedan. I would not have known it was a heavy duty with exceptional pulling power were it not for the emblems. The engine noise seemed non-existent, with the sound from the infotainment system coming through loud and clear as well as very evident with a large beautiful 12-inch touchscreen display.

I have not had an opportunity to do any towing recently, but this RAM 2500 would have been perfect for the task with a full 20,000 pound towing capacity. Over 400 horses and more than 400 pounds-foot of torque means you won’t ever be left in the dust whether carrying no load or taking your boat to the lake.

The truck market has improved a lot over the past few years and RAM has led the field with numerous innovations in features, power and even elegance – something that was non-existence in the trucks of yesteryear. It’s no wonder that RAM has captured the Truck of Texas titles so many times in recent years! I look back on that old late 1940’s model Dodge that was my first truck back on the farm in northern Minnesota and can only wish it had one-percent of the comfort, elegance, smoothness, and quiet performance of today’s new RAM!!