2022 Gift Guide: Get Outside This Fall & Make Memories With These Products

Solo Stove Bonfire on Beach
Credit Solo Stove

Summer 2022 in Texas was brutal with triple degree temps making the great outdoors feel like the inside of an oven. Now, the temperatures have cooled and it’s time to get outside and make memories. We’ve discovered some great products that will have you looking forward to sitting outside with friends and family.

The key to enjoying time outdoors is creating a relaxing space. The star of our patio is our Solo Stove firepit and with the new surround we have a great spot to sit, talk, enjoy the fire and catch up with each other. And, during football season, it’s the perfect place to stay warm while watching the games outside.

Solo Stove surround
Solo Stove surround with Yukon Solo Stove

We’re loving the new look the Solo surround gives our Solo Stove, and we don’t have to worry about our dogs getting too close to the firepit with the 360° protective barrier. Not only does it give the patio a more finished look, but now we have a spot to put snacks, drinks, or even lay our roasting sticks when not in use.

On evenings when we don’t want to build a big fire, but want a fire for the ambiance, we use our Mesa. It was perfect for providing heat and light on Halloween as we sat outside waiting for trick or treaters.

Man sitting outside with Mesa
Mulberry Mesa with mini oak firewood

Down by the pool, we have the Bonfire Elemental in Mulberry. Solo Stove’s new 2.0 Bonfire and Yukon are available in five colors: classic Stainless Steel, Water, Ash, Mulberry, or Deep Olive. I love the way the Mulberry contrasts with our yard and pool. The ceramic color gives a pop of color to our deck.

Solo Stove Bonfire on pool deck
Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 in Mulberry-note ring isn’t on in photo

Now if you’re spending time outside, you’re probably going to eat outside too. So, why not cook outdoors? Earlier in the year Solo Stove launched their Pi oven, and last week they launched the Pi Fire. As a pizza loving family, we love the idea of making our own pizzas while watching an outdoor movie, spending time in the hot tub, or just hanging out together.

pizza going into the pi fire
Photo credit Solo Stove

The Pi oven is a freestanding pizza oven with the option to make pizzas with fire or propane. Whereas the new Pi Fire offers you a way to make a pizza while sitting by the fire in your Ranger, Bonfire or Yukon.

Towerball from Caliber Games

Of course it can’t be all fun and games without any games to play. If you’re looking for something that’s fun, portable and can be used inside or out, check out Towerball. The four-sided, 360° toss game is something you can play standing up or toss from your chair.

Boy tossing ball into Towerball
Practicing his aim for Towerball

It looks easier than it is and you’ll find yourself practicing so you can compete with the fam. The collapsible tower, is easy to store when not in-use or for taking with you when camping, tailgating, etc. It includes 8 hackey-style balls, and a backpack carry case. 1We love Towerball for several reasons: anyone can play it, we can leave it outside, it’s super portable for when we want to take it to a friend’s house, and it’s easy to clean.

Aiper SE Seagull Robotic Pool Cleaner

cordless pool robot Aiper Seagull Se

When we built our pool last summer, everyone said be prepared to spend hours brushing, skimming and vacuuming due to all the trees we have in our yard. ‘Fall will be a nightmare’, they said. But pool maintenance is a lot easier these days with the help of robots like the Aiper SE Seagull, cordless robotic cleaner. With 90 minutes run time on a charge the Seagull does the heavy lifting while we sit and relax. It’s nice not to have to worry about cords for the kids and dogs to trip over or chew on. Note: It doesn’t clean walls or steps so you’ll need to brush the walls or go with another robot.

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