Six Years Later, They Lead the Search for Missy Bevers’ Killer

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“True Crime Broads” Podcast Keeps Bevers’ Murder Discussion Going

Almost six years ago Terri Bevers, who went by “Missy,” was murdered. Her killer has yet to be found.

But Renae Rodden and Crystal Lawson continue to look for the person who took Missy’s life on April 18, 2016. Their podcast “True Crime Broads,” which they started on Feb. 15, 2020, has a focus on bringing that person to justice.

“The main purpose of the podcast was to keep Missy’s story alive and keep the public aware of what is going on with the case. Also, we wanted to remind everyone to call in tips,” Rodden said. “That’s what made us start a GoFundMe for a billboard, which is currently up in Waxahachie.”

Bevers was a 45-year-old mother of three from Red Oak. She was an active member of the community and had no known enemies.

A fitness buff who taught her own classes, she arrived at Midlothian’s Creekside Church of Christ just after 4 a.m. to prepare for her early morning gladiator boot camp fitness class. About an hour later she was found by her students, who quickly called emergency services.

She had a head injury and multiple puncture wounds to her chest and was unresponsive when she was discovered. She died shortly after the paramedics arrived, and the investigation into her murder began immediately.

Video Footage From Creekside Church

Chilling video footage from the church showed a person carrying what appears to be a hammer while opening and closing various rooms around the building. At one point, they broke open a door with the hammer. The person’s clothing included a helmet, gloves and shin guards. They also wore a vest emblazoned with the word police.

Rodden & Lawson Share A Desire To Solve A Crime

Rodden knew Bevers from when they both worked for Vault Denim, having met in 2013. They worked together for a little over a year.

“I went to her house weekly to pick up inventory. My whole family met her at some point because I had someone with me on several of those trips,” Rodden said.

Lawson did not know Bevers, but they had mutual friends. Then she met Rodden in a group discussing the murder.

“Renae and I had met in the Facebook discussion groups and realized we had years of research that others might be interested in,” Lawson said.

“We had talked on the phone and by messenger often. We both knew keeping her case in the forefront was very important, so we decided to get together and do something about it,” Rodden added.

Rodden has some investigative background, having spent years looking for members of her family. She  also studied criminal justice in college.

“I have been investigating, looking for my family since I was 11. I have found them all except for one person,” Rodden said. “I have also taken all my criminal justice classes, which included investigations. My goal in college when taking these classes was to become an investigator.”

Lawson chimed in, “I’m just nosey, I guess you could say.”

Special Guests On Podcast Offer Insight

Each podcast runs about 45 minutes. Guests have included numerous law enforcement officials and even some of Bevers’ campers. Renowned crime analyst Sheryl McCollum even joined them for an episode, as did former FBI agent and writer for the TV series “Criminal Minds” Bobby Chacon. Other special guests have included Joseph Scott Morgan, crime author and former senior investigator for the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office in Atlanta; along with former Indianapolis homicide detective Christine Mannina and Cody McKinney, now with the Red Oak Police Department. At the time of Bevers’ murder, McKinney was a member of the Midlothian Police Department.

“I remember Sheryl McCollum offering some riveting insight into who the killer is and pointed out the things the perp was – and was not – doing in the church, and what that means. She also gave some interesting information about how the killer is likely acting now, which would ideally make the perp easier to identify,” Lawson said.

“We also loved having Missy’s sister-in-law on, Kristi Stout. She offered some poignant thoughts from the family’s point of view, which is heartbreaking, and sometimes gets lost when people discuss the case. It is important to us that people realize Missy’s family members are victims, too, who have been through a tremendous family tragedy.”

Public response to the podcast has been good

“We get a lot of positive feedback about the podcast. Police are also supportive of the billboard we had put in place,” Rodden said. “I believe that tips have increased since the installation of the billboard, therefore helping police.”

The podcast is also designed to dispel rumors. Finding the killer has been challenging enough without distractions that can lead down a wrong path, they said.

“Unfortunately, some family members and other locals had been wrongfully accused and were taking a beating in the form of online gossip,” Lawson said.

As to why the murder hasn’t been solved, each has their own thoughts.

“I believe police lack physical evidence to convict the killer. I think they are waiting for someone to come forward with information,” Rodden said.

“I think Midlothian PD went down the wrong road initially looking at other people. I do think they are looking at the right person now, but who knows if they can get enough hard evidence to make it stick after all these years?” Lawson asked. “I believe they are working hard on it, I just don’t have a feel for how much evidence was lost, since it’s been six years now.”

The Quest Continues

Miss Bevers Billboard
Photo courtesy True Crime Broads

The quest will continue, led by the True Crime Broads – and the community that supports and collaborates with them, Rodden said.

“We have been blessed with many people who support this cause and the fight for justice for Missy Bevers. Many that support this case have donated and continue to donate to keep Missy’s billboard up. This billboard gives info on the P3 app suggesting anonymity in turning in tips for the case,” Lawson said, adding that Crimestoppers has also been an integral part of this cause.

“They donated in the beginning and continue to do so. They also funded playing cards that have been distributed throughout several jails in Ellis County with Missy’s info.”

In addition, Crimestoppers is offering up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Lawson said there is also an anonymous person who has committed to donate $150,000. The reward would go to the person who gives info leading to an arrest and conviction of the murderer responsible.

“We truly believe someone out there knows something,” she said.

And when they are asked if their show will end once the murderer is found, Lawson said they respond with an enthusiastic, “Heck no!”

“The arrest and waiting for trial – or plea agreement – is when we feel things will just be ramping up,” she said. “Then we will cover the trial and discuss the aftermath.
“I don’t see us stopping for a long time. Plus, we have other murder cases we will want to cover, in addition to Missy’s.”

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