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to-go margs forever

Do you Support To Go Alcohol Sales in Texas?

For many Texans, alcohol to go has been their favorite upside of this COVID-19 shutdown. Last week when Governor Abbott tweeted to go alcohol sales might become a permanent option, Texans cheered! While you are toasting the good news, Rusty Taco encourages you to sign a petition they call To-Go Margs Forever!

From Rusty Taco:

To our family and neighbors:

These past few months have been difficult for communities across the United States, and from the entire Rusty Taco team, please know our thoughts are with everyone affected.

When Rusty Taco opened the first location on Greenville Avenue in Dallas exactly 10 years ago this month, we never imagined a day where our dining room doors would be closed to taco and margarita lovers. But as we have all learned during this quarantine, our fresh, homemade margaritas taste even better when prepared to-go for you to enjoy at home!

That’s why we’re placing all our chips (and queso!) on the table to ensure they aren’t going anywhere after quarantine, with a new campaign we’re calling To-Go Margs Forever – and we need your help.

We applauded the states of Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, and Ohio among others whose emergency waivers have allowed us to serve to-go margs. Since then, we’ve safely served thousands of margaritas across our restaurants.

On April 29th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted regarding alcohol to-go saying, “From what I hear from Texans, we may just let this keep on going forever.” We agree Governor, but let’s change that “may” to “will” and make it official. Margaritas on us for you and to any other governors who make this official.

Support To Go Margs Forever

So today, Rusty Taco is asking for your support with our push to make #ToGoMargsForever. Help us get the states to speed up putting permanent legislation in place to allow businesses with mixed drink permits to serve to-go alcohol to you, by following these three steps:

Sign this petition
Posting on social media using the hashtag #ToGoMargsForever
Call, email, or tweet your local city and state officials
Thank you for your help in ensuring the future is one that has to-go margs in it. Forever.

Sending you taco love,

Rusty Taco