Ruby Young Site Coordinator Creates Front Porch Celebration for Teachers

Ruby Young Medical and Environmental Science Magnet Academy

DeSoto, TX– In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Ruby Young Elementary School Academies for Academic Enhancement and Excellence Site Coordinator Kimberly Mosley and her family, crafted handwritten notes for every magnet teacher at the campus and added them to the decor at the front entrance of her home for teachers to drop by and pick up along with a token of appreciation.

“This is my home and my family and I decorated it to show our gratitude to the teachers for everything that they do on a daily basis,” said Mosley. “You will notice the names of several teachers, some of whom are my children’s teachers and some of whom are the teachers I serve at my beloved Ruby Young Medical and Environmental Science Magnet Academy.”

(The medical and environmental science magnet academy is a school-within-a-school magnet program offered at RYES which is funded by the A2E2 grant program.)

With district campuses closed and social distancing orders in place, Mosley got creative in her effort to communicate her appreciation. To accomplish this, Mosley decorated her entire front porch with pastel-colored tinsels and a sign that read “Teachers are Special.” Mosley even had her family pose for photos with thank you signs for teachers that she shared on social media inviting her colleagues to take part in the extension of gratitude and recognition.

“I plan to invite each of the teachers out to our home to drive by and feel the love that we have for them,” said Mosley. “While here, each teacher can step out of their car, walk up, and grab the envelope with their name as a small token of our gratitude. I want the world to know that we have some awesome teachers at Ruby Young MESMA!”